A Considerable Embarassment!!

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  1. Anyone have an opinion on this Crumpler bag? I already have a medium Skivvy (red) and it is very light. Only problem it is slightly too small for my 15" laptop. Light (and semi-fashionable) is key.

    Other ideas appreciated! :yes:

  2. You didn't mention price point, but Tumi & Acme have great looking lightweight computer bags. You can find Tumi bags on sale at NM Last Call and sometimes at Marshalls/TJMaxx.
  3. Hi Ami - pricepoint, I would say up to $200.. the bottom has no limit. :biggrin:
  4. Those are really cute! Especially the Angela Adams. I wish they would list how much they weigh.. the problem with my old bag is that it weighed a ton - along with my 10lb laptop (Dell Precision - work supplied) I started to walk at an angle! lol.
  5. I hear ya'! Unfortunately, they don't list weights, but I know a lot of natural fabrics are used (wool, cotton) - possibly contributing to weight...Tumi from a PP is a great suggestion...I think their sale ended yesterday, but you still may find some deals on their site...I thought a lot of their women's laptop bags were pretty light.

    If you have an outlet near you, Coach often has their nylon line available and it's not too heavy.
  6. You might want to check out SHERPANI. Look on their website; they have some cute bags I think.