A confused reveal :(

  1. Well the first bag, I am not confused about-- not sure when it was made, but it's a canvas cheetah satchel from RM- going to use it as a travel bag. Really like it and was a good deal on eBay.



    The second bag I am very confused about - its strap - it doesn't look right. I've wanted this bag for a long time and got a good deal on one on eBay and the strap is completely different from what it should be. Does this look off to everyone else too? Did this bag ever come with this kind of strap? It's the Love Knot Desire.

    I'm so confused and already left positive feedback, only noticed the strap difference when examining it some more and trying it on. The hardware is even a different color :sad: :sad: :sad: Can I buy the appropriate strap somewhere?
    Please ignore the chipped nails.

    Oh and seller said she got it from a department store- saw her listing picture of it hanging at the store too- it had this strap on it in the picture. I didnt notice when I bought it. Maybe someone at the store put the wrong strap on it? I really would like to buy the correct RM strap for it, is this possible!? HELP!:sad: Thanks everyone!




    strap should look like this :sad:

  2. ohhhh!
    I'm so sorry that your strap is wrong!!
    The bag is cute though!! :smile:
  3. thanks!:smile: i love it just wish it was right strap- the right strap is long enough to make it into a crossbody, this strap is short, can only wear it hanging straight down and hits waist almost, blah!
  4. The first bag is really cute for travel!

    As for the Desire, how strange! Have you tried contacting RM directly and telling them what happened. Maybe you can buy the right strap. Did the seller say what dept store she bought it from? That would bug me too. Bummer! But the bag is really nice!
  5. thanks sandc:smile:

    that'll be the plan for tomorrow, to call RM up and ask how i can get a strap- no seller didn't mention store name
  6. Nice bags! but the second strap is def a wrong one.. it doesn't look matchy at all, so sorry about the strap, hope you can get a matching one from RM so that you can enjoy your lovely bags! :smile:
  7. thanks so much:smile:

    i hope so too
  8. forgot to mention it was missing tassels too! but i put some extras i had from another bag onto it and it looks better now. now just gonna need to hunt down a strap.
  9. LV, gorgeous additions! So sorry to see the strap issue, that's terrible- hopefully you'll be able to just order a new one from RM and it will be good as new. Strap craziness aside, that is an AMAZING bag! Congrats, my friend:ghi5:!
  10. That's weird, LV. It's definitely not the right strap. The hardware doesn't even match. The bag is very cute, though!
  11. Good luck on your hunt for the right strap! That really is a bummer. But hey, if you ever get another black or dark colored bag with brass/gold hardware you have a back up! Can never have too many straps :smile:

    BTW your bags really are nice...good finds!
  12. ^^ thanks you all

    i called RM but no luck, they cant just sell straps separately

    i have to eventually track one down, but do have one that may work for awhile

    with tassels now:


  13. they're both so cute LV!! the strap's not the right one, but i don't think it looks completely off or anything. but with that being said, i'd wanna track down the right strap too!! have u contacted seller about it??
  14. I think your temp strap looks better on it, hardly noticeable now! I would ask what store, and call around, it couldn't hurt. Ya never know what dept. stores have lying around, returns, customer's switching things, etc. I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya!