A concern --- Louis Vuitton on Eluxury -- Please HELP!

  1. Hi, I just purchased my FIRST designer bag (other than Coach, D&B) and it was a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 from Eluxury. =) I felt pretty good about it until I got it. Since it's my first designer bag and first Louis Vuitton, I wasn't sure what to expect & now I'm paranoid that it's fake??? Though, Eluxury is an authorized site to sell LV, correct? I just need to be reassured.. I know even designer brands aren't perfect.. as in.. the red on the handles seem to fade on the corners.. the zipper has small holes? Is that normal? and there are two tags on each side of the bag.. and on one of them (underneath) says "30" and the bag is really light! I was assuming that it'd be heavy. I just need to make sure this is authentic. Sorry my description wasn't that great.. and I don't have pictures cause no camera right now.

    OH! and my biggest concern. It came with plastic wraps on the handles.. and I thought that was supposed to be #1 sign that it's fake! No tissue paper around the zipper or anything though. Alright, I hope that mine's authentic.. cause I checked on the offical Louis Vuitton website, and they referred to Eluxury directly in order to purchase through internet! I'd love to buy more from Eluxury so I needed a little reassurance/feedback since it was my first LV purchase!! Thanks a lot everyone~~ Hope this made sense =T I'm so paranoid!

    one more thing!! there aren'ta ny tags inside =T like the lil tags attached to the bag with numbers or dates =(
  2. It is authentic - don't worry!!
  3. Juicy Me, DON'T WORRY!!!!!!!!!! It is an authentic LV!!!!!!!!!! The only place to fear is ebay!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your new bag!!!!!!!!!
  4. oh my goodness thanks but ive been looking on ebay where ppl on this forum have said it was authentic. and the bag seems darker.. and there are tags inside and all that~ sorry if i sound annoying, im just soooo paranoid =(
  5. NO worries!! Its the real deal! The leather is always super light when brand new (thats my FAVORITE!!) and the speedy is a light bag. If you dont love it, sned it back. HOWEVER, not because you think its fake. If its from Elux, or Lv ...you are SAFE! ENJOY! I love the speedy 30!:yahoo:
  6. here are things to calm your nerves:

    the red glaze you see that fades in the corners is good. it tells you that they use a real glaze and it's actually handcrafted. the fakes are solid red throughout the entire thing, and look really gross.

    the zipper pull has a hole because it's for the lock and key to lock it with the bag zipped close.

    bags come with plastic on the handles, and having them on does not make it automatically fake. the stores just remove them before taking them out to the floor that's all.

    there will not be any tags inside that have date codes that are obvious for you to see.. you have to SEARCH to find it.. they're usually hidden very carefully.

    you won't have any tissue on the zippers because they don't come like that. only fakes do. the real ones will have a blue transparent film on it to protect the brass finish.

    the tab on the other side that says "30" is there because it signifies to you and others, what the bag size is. you said you bought a speedy 30, and the number is there so that's right.

    and the bag is light because it's canvas, not leather. the only leather parts are the handles, and lock & key/zipper pulls, and the piping around the edges.

    just remember, LVMH (louis vuitton moet hennessy) owns eluxury.com so they're the only site authorized by the corporation to sell louis vuitton online. :smile:
  7. Enjoy your bag and relax...it's the real deal!!
  8. alright, thanks to tohse 3 who replied. i feel a lot better now~~~

    i just opened up the big box, and saw the bag's handle wrapped in plastic.. and then i was all sad~~~~~ that's normal right?
  9. frozen7313.. omg, THANKS..... now im worry free

    but my zippers didn't come with transparen't blue tape or whatever. nothing was on them~ =(
  10. that's fine. don't worry bout it. it doesn't mean it's fake. some stuff i've gotten dont have them either. :P it's just dependant on the stock if they want to take it off or if it falls off or whatever. shrugs.
  11. ^ ^ They don't always come with the blue tape on them, just sometimes. My Speedy didn't have them either, and I have no doubt its legit. Don't worry - elux is the real deal. Just sit back and enjoy your new bag.
  12. :rolleyes:

    Of course it is real. Eluxury is the only company authorized to sell LV online.
  13. alright!! Thanks everyone~~~ im now confident ^^
    the bag is so light ... i love it!!!!!!!=) yay!
  14. Enjoy, that is a great first bag!
    *Congratulations* You made a great choice.
  15. Congrats...and never worry about eluxury!!!