A complete list of small leather goods/accessories

  1. Does such a thing exist?

    I've recently thought of two things I crave:
    • a small travel leather photo frame for carrying a picture of my son (yes, that's him in my avatar this week!)
    • a cover for my travel kleenex. It's something I always have in my purse, and often ends up looking ratty.
    I'd love to see a list of small leather goods because I'm certain there are other things I'd find useful.
  2. key cover/holder thingy

    post it note cover

    lipstick/gum holder
  3. So you are looking for the little luxuries....hmm
  4. business card holder

    pencil/pen case holder (comes in ostrich!)
  5. I have seen in Japanese magazines rolled up measuring tape with leather case.
  6. coin purse
    coin purse/keychain combination
    mini Vespa drawstring pouch
    eyeglasses case
  7. They do make gum holder!!
  8. ^yep!!
  9. For about $300--maybe even more now! =O
  10. I absolutely love looking inside my bag and seeing my bright colored smaller items in there! Makes it so easy to find them too! I have the small agenda, a little note holder, and zip wallet...
  11. Ha Ha ... wow! A little decadent, I think. Somehow I don't mind the post-it holder but gum holder ... it really is something to think about. It would be next to no use in SG because gum is banned here.
  12. Is there a generic handphone holder/pouch?
  13. I LOVE that Singapore has banned chewing gum......it is the root of all evil :devil: .........LOL!

    They make all these little leather goods to use all the offcuts from the bags.......:lol:
  14. I have one of those little Japanese Hermes catalogs and I am amazed at the things that are shown in there:

    Domino case
    Playing card holder
    I Pod case
    Cellphone case
    Cigar case
    Cigar cutter case
    Passport cover
  15. Baseball
    manicure set
    desk blotter
    Dog collars
    Dog leashes
    Riding crop

    Don't forget all the jewelry.

    And they used to have a Metrocard holder, but that was limited edition only.