A color called "galet"?

  1. So I've been calling all over today to see if I can locate an anthracite City. Unlikely, I know. But I got up at 5:30 AM for a conference call that literally not one other person bothered to come into the office for (most of the folks didn't even call in, other than those in Europe/Asia...I sat there in a great big conference room set up on the projector, ceiling speakers for the phone, etc. by myself), so at this point I figure I get to slack off for a while today.

    I called Saks Greenwich. The random clueless guy who was helping me (but who actually works in sunglasses :blah:), found a City in the computer that he thinks might be anthracite. However, they call the color "galet". What the heck would that be? I think it translates to pebble in English, but he said it's dark grey. Anyone think it actually is anthracite? Any other guesses? His computer went down before he could tell which store it was at.

    I guessed maybe Boca, and the SA there (Al) said he has a very dark greeny-blue one. Tag starts with 2007 1. Maybe it's anthracite? He's not sure if it's the mystery galet color or not. I'll see when it gets here...along with the one I have shipping from Neimans that I suspect is plomb. (I hadn't yet happened across the info to know 2007 1 vs. 2007 3 on the tag - love those reference threads.) I have a feeling there's a lot of returning in my future...
  2. I'm pretty sure it's anthracite. Nordies Sac was calling anthracite "galet" as well. It sounds like you may have found your bag! congrats!
  3. Argh! How utterly frustrating! It's like a cliffhanger in a soap opera! ;)
  4. I know that Neiman's doesn't have the city in the Plomb so you may have found it. Still, they have that Anthracite Work with GGH at the Neiman's in Newport. It was a perfect one! ;)
  5. Thank you again StarBrite! You are such a sweetie for letting me know about that bag; I feel bad that I'm not snapping it up.

    I know the size difference isn't that huge, but I just think the City is a little better for me. I really only started carrying bigger bags in the last year or so -- before that I was more in the First size range. I also am not sold on the giant hardware for me quite yet. I feel like I'd worry about clashing with my jewelry (I know, dumb...) I'm sure I'll get over that and want one in another month (or week, at the rate I'm going.)
  6. My Neimans did have a city in plomb this past weekend that they had just gotten in, so it is possible that the Neimans one is plomb.