A collection of my own handmade bags and SLG‘s


Nov 11, 2018
This is all so stunning! Thank you so much for sharing!

other bespoke leather artisans offer elephant skin (legally sourced and culled), so I assumed that H and other premier luxury brands chose to avoid it for other reasons including an anti fur perception. It was my understanding that chanel, last year, decided to stop work in exotic skins.
Thank you so much!

From what I can tell Hermès distance themselves from the anti fur and anti exotic leather movement. They prioritise their heritage and use of exclusive leathers to meet their high(est)-end customers demands. I don't believe that they ever "stopped" using elephant, it's more like they never actually used elephant except for very very few pieces for very special clients in the past. Elephant is not an animal that can be farmed like crocodile or ostrich, so they would not be able to control the amount of leather they receive in order to regularly craft pieces from it. They used to do many more made to order pieces in the past. At the moment it is extremely difficult to get anything customised. I do believe that the right customer, with the right relationships could get themselves an elephant skin made, as it is still a skin that can be sourced legally.

Unfortunately Chanel gave in to the movement and stopped selling exotics, which in my humble opinion, is hypocrisy. All sorts of exotic skins can be sourced equally as "ethically" as lambskin does. And after that, a dead animal stays a dead animal. So for them to give in is more of a publicity stunt to attract more younger generations who are ignorant to the leather industry, but follow the trend of cancelling exotic skins. I strongly believe that there will be a rise of using exotic skins in the future and Chanel might introduce them back. The golden crocodile embossed leather they introduced right after their halt on exotic skins was ridiculous, I found. It looked cheap, and is simply not what its mimicking to be. An imposter at best. And looking. at the ever rising retail prices of Chanel bags even more of a reason to simply boycott that company. Vintage Chanel is the way to go.

Please be reminded that these are my thoughts only, and these are very controversial topics. I'm always invested to discuss and sometimes get carried away with it. Have a nice day!
May 12, 2018
Here you can see my largest project yet, which I actually made for myself. It is inspired by the Louis Vuitton "Porte Documents Voyage" which is a briefcase. I will include a couple of "progress" pictures. It isn't a tutorial but will give some insight into what work goes into making a simple item like this. Of course it is all entirely hand stitched and no machines were used for anything. Therefore imperfections are inevitable. I also included a picture that shows what fits inside of it. A 13 inch macbook slides in just fine, and the Hermès Ulysse GM as well. I hope you enjoy!

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Wow that’s beautiful it looks like my Givenchy croc. What a talent you have!