a collection fit for a "pr1nc355"

  1. I :heart: :heart: :heart: it! I wish I had more color in my collection! We're shoe twins x2!!
  2. very nice, keep them coming :biggrin:
  3. Love it! Thanks for the pics!
  4. pr1nc355, I love your CLs!!! you must have tiny feet!! what size do u wear??
    btw, do u remember me from a LA tpf meet like a year ago? It's so nice to "see" u on TPF again!!
  5. great collection, the purple Fiorellinos are gorgeous!
  6. You have a GREAT collection!!
  7. A very lovely collection!! :smile:
  8. I love them all!

    I just realized that I was with you when you purchased at least 3 pair of those right? I feel special:blush:
  9. :ty:Laureen, purseinsanity, msJenna, Richard, fashionista, shoelover, sara, rdgldy, meggy, naked, shopaholic, nillacobain, oo_let_me_see, japskivt, evanescent, brintee, bagmad, noah, Miss_Q, karwood, Lavender, Alice, sylphfae, drea, MikaelaN, justkell, madamelizaking, CEC.LV4eva, ronsdiva, tulip618, moshi, Nancy, Danielle, and Nina!

    It's always a joy to share pics with you all!
  10. I got them from SCP:smile:
  11. HI again!!!! Great to "see" you, too!

    I'm not sure my feet are tiny, but my CL size is usually a 38. However, for the Trash, I had to go down to 37.5, and for the NPs and Fiorellinos, I had to do a 38.5.

    BTW, I'm taking a stab at this, but if the "618" in your user name is for your b-day, Happy Birthday to you! Hope to see you at another meet;)
  12. I love everything...what a beautiful collection! May I have your Fiorellinos? So gorgeous :heart:
  13. Hey again! You were with me when I got the Trash and the gray Declics (at the signing:biggrin:). I bought some nude Simples at the signing, too, but I ended up exchanging them a week later for the peacock Declics. Whew!
  14. I'll be thrilled to do this...we'll see if I come home with any new additions from my trip to Europe in August;)
  15. amazing collection! i especially love the Cate Trash!