A Coach sacrifice of love...

  1. I have to tell this story....

    During one of my outlet trips a year or so ago there was a City Bag in a unique color, Aubergine (a lovely, deep purple). I was waiting until I was broke to use it.

    Well, my mother's boss was retiring and we'd gone shopping everywhere. She was kind of strapped for cash but wanted to buy her something nice as she was really a great person to work under. We went to the jewelry stores, department stores, so many shops and couldn't find anything affordable.

    So I offered my mother the City Bag and matching coin purse to give as a gift, free of charge since I knew that it would be appreciated. Needless to say, her boss was overjoyed and told all of her friends about her present.

    Thanks for reading, I had to get it off my chest because there are times that I really, really miss that bag. I actually have to tell myself that I can get a City Bag anytime at the outlet and that the Aubergine bag would have turned dark as a black bag anyways. :smile:

    A few weeks ago my mother was hinting about a black bag in my collection and make an off-hand, joking statement about me never giving her a Coach...I told her she indeed had gotten the ultimate sacrifice from me already, first one free, the others she'd have to buy.
  2. That's so nice of you to do! You're right, aubergine is a gorgeous colour but it would eventually darken. That's pretty rare though, I haven't seen too many dark purple Coach bags. But that's so nice of you to do that for her! And you're right, you can totally get a City Bag anytime at the outlet or even e-bay. :yes:
  3. Wow! That's such a nice thing for you to do! I truly believe in karma and paying it forward! Good things will come to you :yes: I think you should treat yourself to something new :p
  4. wow a bag in Aubergine! now that is a sacrifice! I would buy the bag just because of the name! what does it look like?
  5. How sweet!
  6. And you know the word Aubergine was included on the card that came with the gift! Doesn't it sound rich?

    It was really, really pretty a very deep, dark purple with the silver toned hardware.

    I know it was the right thing to do, but I have to remind myself it was, that's how much I love my bags!

    People before bags, people before bags...
  7. lol
  8. awe, you're a sweetheart!
  9. Very nice story. I just got my mom into coach recently. She just bought her first bag today! She got a great deal on one at the outlet. I am jealous (in a good way). It's nice to share an apperciation for nice handbags with your mom.

  10. That is so nice of you! Sometimes ppl deserve that treatment. You are very sweet!!! Something great is coming around for you...watch.
  11. Thanks. I knew I'd get positive vibes from you guys!
  12. That was a very sweet thing to do =) And one good turn deserves another so who knows what wonderful things you may have in store for you :heart:
  13. That was REALLY nice of you. I have an Aubergine checkbook wallet and it's my absolute favorite. I'd love to find a purse and a smaller wallet in the same color. I love purple, but especially darker or deeper purples.
  14. upswife, you're supposed to be making me feel better as in saying your wallet is so dark you could hardly recognize if from your black ones...:crybaby:

    Just kidding. I'm sure the patina is sooooo gorgeous on it. :smile:
  15. that was a pretty large sacrifice . . . i'd only fork over a COACH bag (free of charge) to my mother.