A Coach RAOK in the real world.


I love lamp.
Jul 24, 2006
The Orchard City, CA
Every Monday my Mom and I head off to our Weight Watchers meetings, and because I am always early, we head either to Starbuck's or TJ Maxx. Well, she went to SB, I headed the other direction.

So upstairs I am browsing purses and it's like a huge beacon is shining on a white signature duffle with gold leather trim. SO I had it in my hand, tried it on. Loved how it looked when you extended the strap and wore it crossbody....continued walking around with it, knowing it wasn't practical....when another shopper came up to me and asked me if there were anymore...I was still fiddling with the strap..I hadn't seen any, told her that and the price ($179.99) when she asked me. As she was walking away, I asked if she wanted it and she said yes, so I handed it to her. She asked if I was sure, and I said yes...I knew the white wasn't practical for me. She was so happy! So was I knowing I was spreading the Coach love! :yes::tup:


L&#9829ve those Cs!
Aug 26, 2006
krispin41, awww! That was so sweet of you!

I've seen that bag at my local Marshall's... its GORGEOUS!