A Coach Novice...needs help with waterspots!

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  1. Hello lovely ladies of the Coach forum! This is my first time here...I feel a bit excited!!
    I had a question about a small Coach bag that was given to me...it is the signature Coach fabric, with the vachetta on the bottom. The vachetta looks like it has horrible large waterspots on it. Is there some way to even these out??? What should I do??? I do not have a pic...as bag is not with me right now...but I am hoping for some expert Coach advice!
    Any help at all is much appreciated!!
  2. Hi Anne <waves>! You might try checking out some of the advice posted on the LV forum about vachetta care - I find that Coach vachetta isn't quite as delicate as LV but responds in a similar way to waterspots and patina. Pursegrrl posted some great advice about magic eraser use on water spots as I recall a week or so ago, you might check her advice out!