A Closet full of Bags - miu miu1´s collection

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  1. Love your collection!!:smile:
  2. Wow I´m amazed by your collection. Especially the Chanel´s...I think one day I´ll have to get on of those ;) How often do you change your bags?
  3. Thank you!!!

    Thank you!
    I'm trying to make it a habit to switch my bags a few times a week. But I do use my Bals and miu mius the most :p
  4. What a stunning collection!!! They are all so perfect!
  5. Awww, thank you so much :smile:
  6. Gorgeous bags!
  7. The group shot of your Bals is gorgeous!
  8. Thank you all so much :flowers:
  9. love your cc flaps. beautiful colors!
  10. Amazing collection
  11. Thank you both very much :smile:
  12. Wowza, your bag collection is amazing!! You have a great range of designers and some very unique pieces. :biggrin:
  13. I really like the PINK miumiu!
  14. Thank you!!!!
  15. So I went to do some christmas shopping with my parents. We went to one of my favorite stores that sells designer bags and clothes. And they started their sale :graucho:
    While my mom and I were browsing the bags my dad got me and my mom both a surprise bag! We both did´nt even notice till he came back with two bags, one for each of use! And what a surprise it was. I have been eyeing this bag for some time and after seeing reveals here I had my heart set on it. So here it is!
    Tri-Color Bow1.JPG Tri-Color Bow2.JPG Tri-Color Bow3.JPG Tri Color Bow4.JPG