A Closet full of Bags - miu miu1´s collection

  1. After thinking I was a Balenciaga City girl and did´nt like any other size I discovered the town for myself. Of course that makes my options for new bags just that much more complicated :p

    Bal Atlantique mRGGH Town



    Bal Town1.jpg Bal Town2.jpg Bal Town3.jpg
  2. And for the fun of it, some group pics of my Bals :smile:



    My Bals1.jpg My Citys4.jpg My Bals2.jpg
  3. love it :smile:
  4. WOW! Gorgeous Balenciaga collection.. I'm jealous!
  5. WOW, awsome collection, I love it all!
  6. Beautiful collection. Your blue Degrade Chanel is so unusual. Do you wear it much?

    That group shot of your Balenciaga collection - Oh my God!
  7. amazing collection:smile::smile:
  8. Miu Miu will always have a special place in my heart, the bow satchels are pure eyecandy. I have wanted one for years before actually being able to get one, and in the end I got a couple too LOL. The chanel degrade is very special, it is one of those elusive bags that at the time I saw people carry but never saw them in boutiques would have loved to own one. I love the MJ single with the bow, you can't deny the power of the bow! It adds a certain flavor of chic that I can't really explain. The kitty keychain on your balenciaga is cute, your balenciagas are all gorgeous. Always admired balenciagas from afar, I actually got a red one that I ended up giving to my dear sister because it just didn't feel like me- they are gorgeous bags nonetheless. My favorite balenciaga of yours is probably the vieux rose due to the color and hardware color and it just seems more compact than the others (or at least the one I had and didn't like) and I'm sorry, pardon my ignorance on balenciaga bags...really don't know much about them...

    I also love your large eugenia mj clutch in rose for obvious reasons. Another pink girl here! The group shot of the baleciagas in the end is lovely! When you enjoy a bag, you need it in more colors...that's exactly where I am right now if only the right colors would just show up!!! :lol:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing collection, I've enjoyed it very much. Enjoy all your lovelies in good health.
  9. Very very nice collection :smile:
  10. thank you!!!

    Thank you!
    I try to rotate all my bags and I don't wear that one as much as I should :p

    Thank you :smile:
  11. Thank you soo much for looking at my thread!
    Miu Miu will also always be my first Bag love and I always venture back.
    And I do love my Bals :lol: But I have let two of them go, jus was'nt using them.
    The Chanel Degrade us a bag I will always cherish because it is so special and is rather easy to pair up with my wardrobe ;)
    I hope you find the colors you're looking for, what bag is it in particular?

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    Wow, it's about time I updated this thread. First off, two of my Bals are no longer with me. Let us say goodbye to Vermillion GGH City and Limited Edition Turquoise GGH City :sad:
    Now to the new Bags I have gotten. My first Mulberry, please welcome my Silky Snake Alexa!
    image-3088827710.jpg image-1556470000.jpg
  13. My bag obsession did start with miu miu and after venturing out to many other brands that I also adore, it was time to come back to my first love. Here is my tweed Charm!
    image-1601918317.jpg image-59545028.jpg
  14. Another bag I wanted for the longest time was a Celine Box and when this color popped up I knew I needed it. Medium Celine Box in Almond and mazching nail polish ;)
    image-2538201560.jpg image-665950655.jpg

  15. I was never a fan of Mulberry, but after seeing this one I have a second thought! where did you get it? I didn't see it on their site.