A Closer Look @ Britney's New Unemployed Bf

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  1. Meet Issac Cohen, a 20-something year old actor and model. In other words, unemployed. Let's face it -- everyone is L.A. is an actor/model/singer.

    TO check out his MySpace, CLICK HERE.

    And, no, the tats are not real. Sorry, girls. :p

    Do we approve?

  2. Is it me or does he look like Fed-Ex? 0_o
  3. LOL the link to his myspace is empty except for "I don't want kids" hahah ahhhhhhhhhhh hilarious.
  4. nope!!!! dont approve!!
  5. So looks like that "model" took his pictures the MySpace way (aka holding up a camera high and clicking a pic of yourself).
  6. she always chasing losers:thumbs down
  7. He is cute, but erhmm... I think she just needs a break and to get her life in order :shrugs:
  8. itsabagslife - the picture in your signature is adorable!

    back to topic.

    that guy looks soo much like fed-ex it's scary. i guess she's still not over him yet!
  9. Again..
  10. nope, he is ok looking, but damn, what she needs is a break! Forget about guys, and focus on herself.
  11. He looks much better than FedEx, but it still isn't a best choice.
    Brit, choose someone who makes his own money!
  12. Here we go again...:push:
  13. The guys who will date her are unemployed wantabees......I mean no decent man with a great job is going to waste his time or money on her.....
  14. True !

    Plus, i'm sure Britney's a control freak.
  15. well at least he has nice abs.