A Clockwork Orange

  1. I'm a huge fan, I think it's one of Kubrick's best. On a webmaster forum that I'm a member of, one gal posted the following news... sad, so sad.

    She said she is going to post pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  2. Oh.. that's disappointing. But a lot of that film was all about the ultraviolance so maybe it's for the best if that area is intended for residential use.
  3. Wow thats really very sad !
  4. That's sad. I love that movie. It seems people don't appreciate local history anymore.
  5. Love "Clockwork Orange" and the movie "A Beautiful Thing" was great. I am very sad at this news.
  6. That sucks! I hate hearing about that type of thing, i mean I don't think its necessary. Concentration camps are an ugly part of history, but still needed, okay i realize there is no comparison, but still.