A Clockwork Orange


Mar 16, 1980
I'm a huge fan, I think it's one of Kubrick's best. On a webmaster forum that I'm a member of, one gal posted the following news... sad, so sad.

She said she is going to post pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned!

As some of you know, I live on the housing estate where a good deal of the film was filmed. In particular the underground garages across the street from me where used in a number of scenes but particuarly the one where the kill the old man.

Anyway, last week I woke up to the sound of heavy machinery and when I looked out of my window I saw they were knocking down the garages and most of the areas used in the film.

Today I got a letter from the company that owns the this estate talking about the demolition. In the letter they actually site one of the reasons for knocking it all down as an attempt to disassociate Thamesmead with A Clockwork Orange. A bit silly since they could have made money off of that. There was another film shot on Tavy Bridge (the area being knocked down) called A Beautiful Thing which is a gay themed movie and the fan club of that movie come here every year to tour it.

Anyway, I know there are fans of the film here and I thought I would let people know a bit of cinematic history is being bulldozed.
Oh.. that's disappointing. But a lot of that film was all about the ultraviolance so maybe it's for the best if that area is intended for residential use.
That sucks! I hate hearing about that type of thing, i mean I don't think its necessary. Concentration camps are an ugly part of history, but still needed, okay i realize there is no comparison, but still.