A Cles: Pretty, but what do you use it for..?

  1. So I love the clesses (is that how you write the plural of cles..??) you guys have and I would love to buy one myself but I was wondering, what do you use it for besides putting cards in it..? And where do you keep you cles, do you hang it from you bag or something, or just put it in..?
  2. i hang my keys (3) on the little thing and store them inside my cles!
    i have a damier but want a vernis to hang off my bags!!
  3. ^^ I do the exact same thing - and I use it everyday:tup:
  4. I love the cles!!!! I have mono, dam, epi, vernis, and MC... I use them for my keys, and I put change for parking in the puch!!! I always put it IN my bag, I don't like the idea of the cles rubbing on my bags... could dull the print!!!
  5. I use mine all the time. I have 2 - a groom and a framboise vernis that I switch between bags. I put my ID, CC's and $ in them and hang them from my bags as purse charms or on the D-ring inside. I really don't think I could be without one now.
  6. Ooo I have a damier cles and I use it everyday. I put my cash, cards and coins in it. I find that I've gotten lazy to even bring my bags out... I just grab my cles, stick it in my jacket pocket and head out the door.... :sweatdrop:

    Oh and I hang it off my speedy sometimes.
  7. I use my Cerises and Perfo p.cles as a wallets. Change, and a couple of notes folded or a card, kets on the key holder, and stuffed in the pocket. No muss no fuss.
    Though don't overstuff them, as a corner of a note or card easily gets stuck in the zipper, making them snag, and tough to open. This is less of a problem with the Perfo one though. I wish Vuitton made all their p.cles in this slightly-larger size.
  8. i have the damier, and put in my cards, cash and sometimes change. if i go out to poofta poofta (dancing, etc) i will just take some cash and lipgloss (the mac ones fit perfectly) in my cles and that's it. i just put it in my bag. i love love love the cles! want a mono one too!
  9. Many different things :tup: awesome accessory.
    Try doing a search, there a many threads on this topic :graucho:
    search results, (cles/title search) http://forum.purseblog.com/search.php?searchid=3364960
  10. I'm impatiently waiting for my first cles (cerise) :smile:
    I will use it hanging from my Speedy 25 and eventually as a wallet when I use my mini flap :flower:
    Which cles would you like to get?
    Anyway as already told you from someone else, the biggest cles is the perfo, the vernis is a little smaller than damier/mono etc
  11. Alice! Have you still not received your cerises cles?! Wow, that customs is really trying to test your nerves, don't they?! :nuts:
  12. Hi Roxana!
    The seller was very quick to send and it arrived in Italy in a minute but then it was stopped 12 days at the customs!! Now they tried to deliver it on Monday and yesterday but as they came at 11 am there wasn't anybody at home! They will try a third delivery tomorrow and then I will send my dad to catch it at the delivery company center (that's far). At least customs was good with fees (a little less than 11 euro).
    Anyway YES I'm a bit impatient!! It's all fault of italian bad system of delivery of packages!
  13. coins usually because i dont have a coin slot in my wallet.
  14. i use my cles to put my credit & debit cards...
    i don't hang it, juts put it inside my bag

    and i also use it to carry some money and card and put it in my jeans when i go bare handed to a club
  15. I use my denim cles for my keys and car remote, the vernis pomme dangles on my bags and the mono is for coins.