A cles dilemma

  1. I've been wanting a mono cles for a long time (I don't have enough card slots in my wallet) but now I'm having second thoughts. I don't really like the way the corners are round. IMO it would be a lot prettier if they were "straight" like in a vernis cles. Because my wallet's mono I want the cles to be mono too. Yeah, I know my problems aren't very serious... :shrugs:
  2. I've also been wanting a mono cles for a long time (I have 2 in vernis...and although they're eye candy, I often find they don't fit enough of what I'd like) - and so I finally sprang and purchased the mono today. Like you, I used to hate the rounded corners, but I must admit, they've kind of grown on me :yes: I think it's a really cute accessory and it holds a ton more than vernis.

    I say you should put aside your doubts and go for it. So what if the corners aren't straight? Maybe they'll grow on you too once you see how truely practical this piece of mono really is :smile:
  3. get a perfo. it holds more cc and is really cool looking.
  4. maybe if you got a perle vernis cles, it would have the pretty corners, and then it would be a neutral color that looks really good with your mono.
  5. My first cles ever was the cerises so now I just love the round and poofy corners. I even bought a mono rond. lol. I'm weird but I usually just accept LV as it is, cause I love nearly everything they make. Maybe try a cozy type wallet or something if you need it just for cards- I'm not sure what they have like that in mono cause MC is usually my thing. I usually use my cles strictly as key chains.
  6. my first cles is the mono and it holds more than my epi cles.
  7. I just got my mono cles in January. I have several vernis, but find myself using mono everyday, in addition to a vernis one too on some days... the cool thing with mono is if you have a bag with the red lining, you don't have to worry about color transfer issues like you might with vernis and perhaps white MC. It's much more carefree than my other cles; plus it's not limited edition like the groom, so you don't have to worry about anything scratching off.... it's a super great piece!