A Clear, Transparent Bag for Travel

  1. Well, since currently there are very strict rules that are not Purse-lover friendly, we should start looking for clear, transparent bags that comply with the rules but are not grocery bags :yes: To be honest my jaw dropped at the sight of people having to carry white plastic bags for their passports/tickets/money...

    Passerby... you usually have great recommendations :yes:
  2. Louis Vuitton Ambre collection :smile:
  3. chanel has transparent bags too :P
  4. iamsita, thanks for the kind words but it is clear :smile: more designers need to come up with pretty, transparent bags.

    Rodeo Drive Resale, 100% Authentic Guaranteed - NEW CELINE CLEAR BLACK TRIM TOTE #18725

    Handbags Limited Lulu Guinness Summer 2006 Reductions
    Lulu Guinness (out of stock)

    Suzy Smith (I like this one - it's the cheapest, as well :smile:)

    Evening elegance:
    Roccobarocco Rose Light Blue Signature Kiss-Lock Bag w/ Chain Strap=

    Roccobarocco Rose Pink Signature Kiss-Lock Baguette Bag w/ Chain Strap=

    J. Renee Penny Vinyl and Gold Tote > Evening Bags > Handbags - eBags
    Celine clear tote Rodeodriveresale.jpg Lulu Guinness Clear Beach Tote handbagsandgladrags.jpg Suzy Smith Transparent grab bag handbagstogo.jpg Roccobarocco Rose Light Blue Signature Kiss Lock bag forzieri.jpg Roccobarocco Rose Pink Signature Kiss Lock baguette Bag forzieri.jpg J Rneee Penny Vinyl and Gold Tote ebags.jpg
  5. the rules have been relaxed!
  6. I like all of them a lot. Who knew there was a world of transparent handbags out there?

    Thanks for the pictures.
  7. wow, passerby they're sooo cute :P
  8. Target has an Isaac Mizrahi tote that is clear plastic. It used to be $45 (too much!) but recently got marked down in store to $25.
  9. the Dooney lunch bag is cute -- I think the "It" print looks best on this bag for $30

  10. Wow!

    Did you know that you can not take a book on a plane now?

    How are them snakes getting on? ;)
  11. Dior Girly Rain collection :smile:
  12. There are more clear bags out there than you'd think -- there are employers who require that their employees use them. Usually in retail -- to cut down on "shrinkage", better known as employee theft.
  13. I'm usually not a fan of D&B, but that lunch tote is cute :smile:
  14. wait what? are you serious?