A Classy Thing To Do

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  1. So I know we all LOVE Coach, but at times, get frustrated with company policies, quality control, customer service etc. etc., but I wanted to post something that corporate did that I thought was a nice thing to do and the right things to do.

    Some of you know that "my mall" was the mall of the shootings this past weekend. In fact, I was all ready to go on Saturday morning. The SA that helped me with the return was there today and was still a bit shaken up, but trying to move on. So as a result of the incident and the subsequent mall closing until noon on Monday, they extended the PCE through today.

    I know, I know…they are still making money with it, but our store is not a flagship store and I doubt people are running back to the mall to use their PCE. In any case, I thought it was a very considerate gesture from corporate to customers impacted by this senseless act.:tup:
  2. I agree, good gesture by Coach. Sorry to hear about this being your mall. Had this happen in my city in my mall a few years ago. It was eerie going back in. Tragedies.
  3. Agree, that was nice of them.
    I often wait until the last couple of days to buy/order with my PCE, so I imagine there were others who were planning to visit the Coach store at the last minute too.
  4. Columbia mall is "my" mall too! I live about 5 minutes away from there. I go almost once/wk & frequently w/ my kids (they can't stay away from the carousel!). It's still very surreal to me that a shooting occurred there. It's not going to stop me from going, but it honestly makes me a little nervous.
    Anyway, that was nice of the SA for extending the pce. They're very sweet over there.
  5. I go there with my kids all of the time! Thankfully, they have outgrown the carousel, which use to be mandatory with every visit. Traffic seemed okay on Wednesday, which was nice to see. I saw all age ranges from mothers with babies to seniors. I am glad that people are coming back. It will never quite be the same, but there are so many people that depend on the income from that customer base. My Sa told me she was grateful that people were coming back. She was there on Sat. (and her family was shopping in the mall) so it was very traumatic. She said the customers coming back in were really helping her get past this. As if I needed another reason to visit.
  6. That's awesome that coach did that. I'm impressed !