A classic reveal....

  1. There are also still some fabulous ones come up on fleabay....though do watch out for the fakes as there are plenty around. If in doubt run them by Kris, Jazzy or Lakrits....:smile:
  2. Are the bags much cheaper in price buying from the Outlet, thanks
  3. Usually at least 30% cheaper. The roxanne was reduced from £750 to £495. They stock past season items & slight substandard quality bags.
  4. I've got a chocolate Roxanne and love it :smile: do I get a black one before they're sold out? Do I really need one? :confused1:
  5. I personally wouldn't get both chocolate and black as they are very similar. I have the black and saw the chocolate and the difference really isn't that big ;)
  6. Oh well done. I love the roxanne I brought a chocalotte roxy from biscester a couple of months ago but with all the rotten rain we've had she's not been out much although I do get her out at least once a week just so she knows I've not forgotten her. I also have an early Darwin roxy in oak that I use all the time she's a bit tired with a missing stud and a ripped pocket and really needs to go visit mulberry for a spa weekend but I just can't bear to part with her.
    Enjoy your lovely Roxys In the sunshine today.
  7. As someone who has both I would say why not?
  8. Oooh now I don't know what to do!! I saw a lovely Pasadena in a secondhand shop today that I like. It's got some scratches on that might polish out and a couple of pen marks inside......which one should I get?
  9. In that case i would say look at the Pasadena and if you think it's worth it and you can improve it don't rule it out. At least you have a Roxy.
  10. Love the way all bags on here are referred to as 'she'. Thought I was the only one who thinks my bags have real personalities and feelings haha!

    I've never been to an outlet as I don't live remotely near any of them :sad: Absolutely love those Roxannes though - especially the oak - I'm a sucker for oak!
  11. Ha ha yes it gets better though! I was telling my work friends that "she looked thirsty so I gave her a drink" (ie, put some collonil gel on to nourish!). To say they thought I was nuts is an understatement!!:lolots:
  12. I scored on eBay!! I Bought 2 authentic Roxannes and a Brooke in time frame of 2 weeks lol (Of course I had to get them authenticated by Lakrits/Jazzy) >.< But the price was insane I just had to!! A Genuine Verdigris Antique Glaze Mulberry Roxanne for 307 USD, Mulberry Roxanne in Oak for 260 USD and vanilla/yellow Mulberry Brooke for 90 USD >.<

    I'm so excited I just had to share with someone lol. I have them with me now but the Oak Roxanne is on her way so I will do a reveal of all of them once Oak Roxanne arrives :smile: :love:
  13. :woohoo: Congratulations, Lovemisa! It's like sale time - three purchases and they sound like bargains too! Looking forward to your triple reveal :biggrin:
  14. I've never thought this was my kind of bag but looking at this post makes me want a roxanne! :amuse:
  15. Roxy is my favourite style (despite only have one, vs 3 Bays:rolleyes:), so congratulations on getting your 2nd one!!