A Classic Balenciaga Reveal

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  1. Ladies,

    This package was scheduled to arrived on Tuesday. But the mailman just dropped it off! (I love it when I get earlier than scheduled packages.) Lol

    Drum roll pls... Any guesses? That’d be a fun game!

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  2. a City
    and if you give a hint, i might guess the colour, too :graucho:
  3. Something Amethyst?
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  4. yep, my guess, too
    or, Magenta
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  5. @houseof999

    You ladies are making me hopeful!! Ha.♡
  6. Give me your guess!
  7. Here we go!

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  8. sorry, you took too long, i fell asleep
    (i'm on the other side of the ocean)
    now i'm almost sure it's a City
    but for the colour bet i need more clues
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  9. Haha it's almost midnight where I am! Packaged arrived this morning and I came home after a day long hike to unpack.

    You guys are good.. City it is!

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  10. 10 am here :sunshine:
    without any hint i just say it's from the pink range
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  11. Good morning to you!

    I just attached the photos! Haha. Not pink — but a must have classic color for everyday wear! Baabaaablack!

    Someday, I will get my paws on an Amethyst bag!!
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  12. Lovely!! Black is a staple colour, goes with anything, fits any occasion, congrats!
    Enjoy! :drinks:
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  13. Thank you! Do you have one?
  14. i have 2 ;)
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  15. i mean 2 black Cities...
    coz i also have a a red one :biggrin:
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