A Classic Bag Worth Investing In?

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  1. Hi purse lovers! I have been eyeing the MG large bucket bag in black/flamma since it came out but never pull the trigger because of the availability/ price. I've just came across a 25% discount code today, and now I am seriously considering getting the bag. But I somehow feel that the train had come and gone... the bag is still great, but had been seen everywhere and is somewhat overhyped imho... what do you ladies (and gents) think? Is the MG bucket bag still worth the investment, given your experience on the style, usability and wear and tear?
  2. It is a classic style, easy to maintain and wear. Mine have all held up well.
  3. I think the bag will be around for a while! It's very minimal and aesthetically pleasing, and so I think that's what gives it it's staying power. For me, it's a great casual bag that I can use without worrying about seeming too flashy (ie, no logos jumping out) but is still beautiful. I've had many women come up to me and compliment me on the bag, without knowing the MG name!
  4. I have the large bucket in black/ballerina. It's so beautiful in person. From what I've read, the bucket is a classic style that will not go out of style. It may spike from time to time with the current trend. I had the same reservations, but when I got my bag, all that went away. I LOVE the leather.
  5. Gee...for 25% off, I'd get it. As others have posted, a basic bag. Great to hang bag charms from, IMHO.
  6. get it!! the bucket style has always been around and MG just happened to have modernized it and created a frenzy. frenzy aside, it's a very well made bag that holds up well, easy to get in and out of, and does not scream designer bag from a mile away. it's understated chic in my opinion.
  7. I think the MG bucket bag is well worth the investment. I have had my large Brandy for a month and a half and really love it. Despite what most people say I find that the leather does soften with use but still retains its wonderful structure. Yes it scratches but Bic 4 removes the scratches and the spray protects from rain drops. I find it a joy to use.
  8. Haha... the 25% is definitely the nail in the coffin.
  9. Yes I'd do it for 25% off. My last 3 were at 25% off and I'd find it hard paying full price again after that. But worth it with the discount.
  10. Where can I find the 25% off? If you don't mind sharing
  11. Mine was through net a porter before the sale started they had 25% off applied at checkout to select customers.
  12. I live in New Zealand so the one I'm looking at is from a boutique in NZ called Fabric.
  13. I'm downsizing my collection and am trying to decide whether to part with my mini black veg tanned bucket from when they first launched the mini size. I also have large brandy bucket and black cross body which I am holding onto and a similar sized but more slouchy black bucket bag from another brand. Do you think I will regret it if I get rid of the mini bucket? It has been my every day bag for a few years and still looks amazing but I'm a little sick of it so haven't used it for a couple of months and have mainly been using the crossbody.
  14. I got rid of my mini black royal and haven't missed it. Although I had quite a lot of buckets at the time. I now have 2 mini buckets, 2 regular buckets and a mini mini bucket AFTER downsizing. If the black royal mini bucket had been my only mini I wouldn't have sold it. The mini is such a great size.
  15. Thanks Jaime. My only hesitation is that as you said it's a great size. Being structured, it also works with more dressy looks than a slouchier bag of a similar size. Maybe I should keep it! It's also in a discontinued colour way.