a city girl going to a day

  1. Hi gals -

    I'm faced with a dilemma. I'm a city kind of girl. I love the shoulder strap, the handles, the look. And the leather on this particular city is stunning. But then again... do I give the day a chance? I'm not sure if I can get used to just having one should handle. I primarily carry my cities on my shoulder with the strap, but then there is the ability to carry it by hand or in the crook of my arm.

    Enablers, help me out!

  2. So you've found a city that you like, but you're wondering if you should hold out and get a day instead? I'm all for people expanding their collections and trying new styles--I thought I was only a city or a work girl, but seeing everyone's day styles on here has made me want one! if you think you'll like it, I say go for it. But if you've found a great find on a city--which you already KNOW you'll like and use--I say go for that. HTH!
  3. Laura-I'm a Day girl contemplating a City. Am afraid because I love the Day and have thought the City too small and a bit brief-case-ish. But it's a must have and I like how it looks on others.

    We could hold each other's virtual hand and make the jump. Although, I can't jump until August 2008 because of a self-imposed purse ban. Then again, aren't rules made to be broken?!
  4. Are you looking for a new style? Or is there something specific you have in mind? I'd probably go to Part-time or a couple of the other styles....I'm just not a Day Girl.

    If you're looking for something different, how about a Twiggy?
  5. I do like how the day slouches - I just don't know if I can pull it off.

    and the leather on this city is simply amazing. Even my mom was drooling. I'm just torn! haha.
  6. shamrock - the twiggy is a bit too tiny for me :sad: sad as it is, I carry a ton of stuff. lol.
  7. LOL!!! It's so funny how opinions differ. I can't even get my Twiggy 1/2 full!!! To me, it's HUGE!

    Do you live where you can go and try some bags on for size?
    Whatever you decide - good luck and happy shopping!
  8. DP it sounds like the city is perfect for you so I would go with it and maybe a day will grab you later.
  9. thanks for the words all! this city is amazing - I just hope I don't overdo it and end up bored like I did with my LV's - 4 different speedies and I don't use them all.

    I did try a day on at NM and for some reason I just didn't get that feeling that I did with the city. Guess its just love at first sight :love:
  10. Then go for your city! good luck, can't wait to see her!!! :yahoo:
  11. I say go for the city since you have found it and then try the day later. I am going for a part-time next and then the day.
  12. the only thing about the day style i dont dig is that it's too general looking. my anna corinna looks like the day style (except it has a shoulder strap as well), and it cost 1/3 of the price.

    i do love the day... but i dont think i could ever splurge on a bag that i could get for $600 less.
  13. You found a City you love & am not sure you can pull off a Day...I say get the City!!!
  14. Hey L, I think the City look suits you very nicely :yes:

    Personally, I think the Day is a very casual looking bag, channeling the hobo feel, KWIM?

    To me that makes the City more versatile: it can look very professional but also plays very nicely in the casual space.
  15. I once was a CITY lover... I must say, I still miss my 06 Black City but oh well... I'm totally in LOVE with the DAY! I'm more of a casual person anyway but I just love it! I reckon you can dress it up and down BUT just rockin it your own way is just AWESOME!
    I think I enjoy it more than the CITY because the strap doesn't slip down. AND it's a bottomless pit that makes me laugh everytime I try and search from my ringing mobile! I LOVE THE DAY! I can't wait to get a new one!!!
    GOOD LUCK on what you decide to do!

    GO THE DAY!!! :o)