A Christmas morning MID-AFTERNOON!!!

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  1. Very happy to receive a new black Mid-Afternoon from my lovely husband.

    The photo is not the best, but it's such a lovely buttery soft leather.

    Also, a quick question for all of you...

    I received an email from a SA of an authorized UK boutique about a Balenciaga sale they are having the day after Christmas. One that I am interested in is a blue Purse bag which is reduced from 595.00 British Pounds to 360.00 British Pounds. I have never owned a Purse bag, but really like the look of it, and I think it's a good price. I don't know how much they sell for in the US. Can anyone tell which color of blue this is?

    Any comments much appreciated.

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a B-Bag!:yes:

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  2. ^ Congratulations, Siri Anne, your new mid-afternoon is lovely :yahoo:

    I think the purse looks like BlueBerry, it's very nice and in the US the purse was $1095. I have a rouge vif one and really love the style, plus they have discontinued the purse style so now's the time to get it and on sale too ;o)
  3. Thank you Rock Steady, I do love my new bag!

    Thanks for the info re: Purse Bag. The sale price coverts to 650-700 US dollars, so that sounds like a great buy. Will be on the phone first thing tomorrow morning. Hope it's still there!

    Thanks again.
  4. Congrats Siri !!!!!!!
    Your Mid A is just gorgeous !!!!!!
    I hope you'll score the Blueberry Purse :smile:)))))
  5. Congrats!!!!!! That is a lovely present. You must get the bluberry purse...especially for that price. :party:
  6. FromParis


    Here's hoping the Purse Bag is still there! She also said she has a Twiggy 06 in green (pretty sure it's emerald) 675.00 reduced to 375.00 (British Pounds). So if the Purse Bag is gone, I may have a chance for the Twiggy.

  7. CONGRATS! The Mid afternoon is amazing! You'll LOVE the Purse style!
  8. MRG Thanks! Yes, I really want to get that Purse Bag. Thanks to the lovely people in this forum, I now know the Purse Bag will be discontinued so fingers crossed that I get this one!

    Two B Bags in two days? How lucky am I?
  9. Love your MidA -- it's GORGEOUS! What a nice hubby...
  10. Gorgeous!!! What a great Christmas gift! Congrats!
  11. GRAB that Blueberry purse! The purse style is FAB! Be first on line tomorrow morning when the store opens! You'll LOVE it! And YAY for you and your wonderful Xmas present from hubby! KEEP HIM!
  12. OhDonna; TTucker; Highglossfinish

    Thanks for your congrats on my Mid Afternoon...

    I just noticed that the shop is closed tomorrow, so am afraid will have to wait nervously until Wednesday morning to bag the Purse Bag!

    My husband is a gem...really (pretends to) understands my Bal obsession! He is a keeper!
  13. siri, congrats!!! that is a great mid-afternoon!
    oh, i hope u can get the purse, i love that style... if that doesn't work, i hope u can get the twiggy instead :P
  14. Congrats Siri on a gorgeous MA and on excellent taste in husbands ;) . I love the MA looks. It's probably the most structured looking moto bag but still showing that quintessential edge and with the same lovely leather. What a fab gift!

    RUN to get the blueberry purse RUN, RUN, RUN!!!!! If you don't like it, I will personally FULLY INDEMNIFY YOU against all your costs associated with buying that bag and will gladly unload the purse off of you. But I'm putting my bets on you loving the bag and keeping it. you can't go wrong!

    Happy Christmas Siri!
  15. Wow congrats!