A Christmas Miracle!!!!

  1. over two months ago, I ordered a blue and green epi noe from eBay. I thought it was lost in the mail, but to my surprise, it arrived randomly today! i am so excited, and i had no idea it would come!!!



  2. o wow congrats! it's really cute

    and uuh..do you live there? is that your house?
    that view :l omg!!
    if you want to do a homeswap, call me ;)
  3. OMG!!!! Congrats... They always say good things come to those that wait. It was so worth the wait...

    You have an AMAZING view!!!!!
  4. Congrats!! And great house by the way!
  5. That's certainly great news... congratulations on finally getting your Noe!! What a wonderful ocean view you've got there.
  6. She is so pretty!! Love the green with blue
  7. Beautiful I've got to ask though what's up with your sig your not leaving us are you?? We have a overspenders anon suppot group if you want to join us
  8. Congrats!! :biggrin:
    I'm wondering where you live too hahah.
  9. wow, that's awesome!

    congrats, it looks great on you!
  10. come to think of it, I totally remember when you bought that bag...from ninafurjapan, right? or something like that lol...I'm not a stalker, I just remember the thread! lol!
  11. yay congrats!!! what a good end!!!
  12. It's great the bag came! And I love the view !!! I want to live there!
  13. Great bag, love your house!
  14. Wow, things always come when you least expect it. Lovely view!
  15. Wow, congrats! Have not been around too much on the LV forum, so I didn't know you lost your noe...but I'm glad it came. :smile: Looks great on you! And it looks so lovely against your window background!