A Christmas gift to myself !!! Decision, decisions


Sep 21, 2010
Hm, personally I like the mono the best for its versatility...but the azur is a close second. it's really pretty in person. a lot of ppl on this forum seem to love the damier, but for me when i tried it on it was too dark and too much brass plate. but on the azur for some reason the brass plate didn't seem overwhelming...perhaps because the contrast was not as great seeing as the azur is a light color and the brass plate is, too.

just depends though also on what you'll use it for? if going out out, then maybe the mono as it is darker...but if for things like casual outdoor summer weddings, then the azur? if daily though casual use, probably the mono i would say.


Jun 15, 2009
BC, Canada
Although I love azur, I really like the Eva in mono. I like the small plate and it has no vachetta on the bag, which is a big plus.
Mind you, I almost bought the Azur twice lol, but I always get distracted by the speedy.

Good luck, you can't go wrong with either!


A little getaway
Dec 22, 2010
Sorry to "mix it up" but I have and love the Eva in Damier! One gal said the Mono had no natural leather, isn't the long strap natural? That's why I love my Damier Eva, never shows wear and never will!