A Christmas Eve miracle....


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Aug 23, 2006
My DH and I were pulling out of our driveway last night, to go to my sister's house for the family Christmas dinner (she lives about an hour or so away), when my DH said, "Look at that dog!" I looked up and saw a big furry dog limping down the road in front of our house, dragging about 10 feet of chain behind him. Of course we stopped and my husband got out to check the dog. It tried to keep on limping along but then stopped and turned back towards us. My husband coaxed it to him and we looked it over, No obvious signs of injury but its coat was matted and dirty and it was holding its left hind leg up so the foot didn't touch the ground. I said, "we have to do something, we can't just leave it here!" and ran back into the house to get the phone book to look up emergency vets in our area (ended up just tearing the vet listings out of the Yellow Book and running back outside). The closest emergency hospital was roughly 50 miles away, more or less on the way to my sister's house. I called them, described the situation, got directions, and my DH picked the dog up, put it in my car, and we headed out. The poor dog was so quiet and good! It's kind of scary trying to help an injured animal, especially a big dog, but this fella didn't make one sound of protest or aggression at all.

So we got to the vet (in the meantime I called my sis to tell her we'd be late) and they were very nice, saw us pretty quickly and told us up front what they planned and what it would cost (not that we cared about that, we just wanted to help the dog). The dog seemed healthy by physical exam except that he is terribly emaciated and unkempt. The bad news is that the xray of the affected leg revealed an old (at least two months) injury, most likely a pelvis fracture, which had not healed properly. The prescribed treatment for this type of fracture is "crate rest", which would be like strict bedrest for humans, but apparently this dog did not receive any care. Now his leg is more or less permanently deformed with the muscles "frozen" or contracted so that he is unable to straighten his leg. Lucklily he is able to keep his foot sufficiently off the ground to prevent injury to it, and my DH says he saw the dog bear enough weight on the foot to pivot its body around.

Anyway, we were only two and a half hours late to my sister's house but when we walked in the door everyone clapped and cheered which felt good! Of course we have taken the dog in and we hope to give him a permanent home. He had a collar on and a rabies tag from 2005 with the phone number of the vet's office that administered the shot so on Tues. we'll call and make an effort to locate the "rightful" owner---though if you could see how neglected this poor animal is you would agree with me that that person, whoever he or she is, has abdicated his/her rights this animal entirely. I guess it's possible that the dog is just lost and someone is frantically looking for it in which case we will of course do the right thing, sad though we will be. The dog appears to have quite a bit of chow in him as well as possibly some lab. I'm hoping to be able to take him to my regular vet on Tues. and get a more thorough checkup (heartworm and parasite check, vaccines, etc) and get him groomed!! You can tell he will have a gorgeous coat when he's cleaned up.

Anyway...that's my Christmas miracle story!
OMG....Poor doggie!!!!
Thankyou for taking good care of him!You are a total sweetie...I adore dogs too..and this one seems to have found a winner in finding YOU!Hope you can keep him and love him forever!
madamefifi, you did a wonderful thing!!! You gave him a second chance and I hope he stays with you forever. Even though I don't know you I am grateful to you for taking good care of the lost pup.
What an act of love and kindness you and dh did! YOU ARE THAT DOG'S ANGELS! Prayers going your way for the dog to get as healthy as possible.What a merry Christmas for this poor dog. Bless you all!
Thank you for rescuing him, you are wonderful special people!! It just breaks my hurt to see animals hurting and no one to take care of them. You should keep him, sounds like he would have a lot better life with you!!!

Reminds me of the time we helped a lil doggie (although not on Christmas Eve). My dh and I were driving and I saw this min pin on the side of the road and we passed and I made the comment "he's going to get ran over". So my dh said lets turn around and see if we can get him, but during this time he had been hit by a car. Luckily he was still breathing when we passed and I jumped out of the car. I stood over him until we could get him picked up and out of traffic but I know that people must have thought I was a lunatic!!! We called the humane society and they sent someone to us (plus a cop) AND his owner lived right across the street and saw us with him. Come to find out he had no current shots at all and the humane society wouldn't give him back to him until they had given him shots and took care of his lil hip.

I hope that your "new" doggie heals well and that he'll find a loving home with you. Bless your hearts for taking a chance with him!:love:
^ and OP:

your stories warm my heart. All too often I have to get a stray from the side of the road and think to myself "why isn't someone else who is driving by helping this animal???" and it saddens me to think that there are people that can just DRIVE BY an animal and need and NOT HELP THEM. It makes me sick to my stomach.

THANKYOU so much for being an angel for these animals...God bless!!!!!
What a great story. I hope you don't put a lot of effort...OK, I won't lie. I hope you don't try to find the people who did not take care of this doggie. He found you for a reason. Thanks for sharing this great story.
That is a true Christmas miracle and there is a reason this doggie came into your life. Out of all the post's on this board about who got what.. This one is the finest gift of all.. Please post a pic of your doggie when he is all cleaned and feeling better. I would name him Miracle..:flowers:
Your hubby and you are wonderful people. Not everyone would have done what you did for that dog. I hope the dog gets to stay with you. Your kindness will come back to you tenfold. Happy holidays!
Your hubby and you are wonderful people. Not everyone would have done what you did for that dog. I hope the dog gets to stay with you. Your kindness will come back to you tenfold. Happy holidays!

Totally agree with you!!! Just heart warming story!! :love:
What a lovely story, I am so hoping he can stay with you. Its seems if he was in that state the owners do not care that much for him, plus if he was on a chain (which I find awful).
I would not go all out to find the owners they do not deserve this dog, but if you do find them remember money is always a good thing and perhaps you can buy him from them. These sort of people that treat animals like this will usually take money for the dog. Please keep us informed about what happens.
OMG...Your story brings tears to my eyes! Thank you and your husband so much for taking the time out of your plans to help him! You two were his guardian angels!!

Animals are one of the most precious beings on this earth (in my opinion)...this boy will be so ever gracious for your kindness. God Bless you both!! and what a MERRY CHRISTMAS you have given to a complete 4 legged stranger. Thats what Christmas is all about...LOVE and KINDNESS.