A Choice To Make! Mj Or Vanessa Bruno?

  1. Hi! Ok, so I am still trying to decide on my good every day bag purchase. I get one so want it to be right!
    Its either the Marc Jacobs Alyona in Teal, which I can get on sale for 500 dollars.


    Or, the Vanessa Bruno Lune bag that I can get on sale (i love this time of year) for 350 dollars.

    I fear that the MJ bags are a bit flashy for casual wear and that they are EVERYWHERE. I want something that will last and not be flashy, but something that doesnt blend in either and looks special and interesting.
    Any advice?

  2. I can't help it. I definitely vote for the MJ. It's too gorgeous to pass up. And let me know where I can find one for that incredible price!!!!!!!
  3. Wow, the marc jacobs is absolutely stunning. my vote is on that one.
  4. I'm sorry, I love the Alyona, I want one! Sorry for being biased!
  5. Oh goodness, MJ for sure!! Love it!
  6. Oh ya, Marc Jacobs for sure! Who cares if it's too flashy for jeans, it's GORGEOUS, so it's allowed.

    And I also want to know where you can get it for that amazing price.
  7. $500!! I would so get the MJ!

    I do believe these quilted w/chains will be classics someday. And it DOES go w/jeans just fine.
  8. I'll be the odd one and tell you to get the Vanessa Bruno. You say you want something that will last and not be flashy, I think MJ gold chain = flashy. And the VB bags are gorgeous.
  9. I love the quilted look of the MJ, I agree that the chain is flashy but I believe it's removable.
  10. I love the MJ - the color is really cool.
    I don't think it's too flashy for casual wear.
  11. the MJ is classic.
  12. Mj!!
  13. Oh my goodness that teal MJ is GORGEOUS.
  14. The MJ, for sure. I don't think it's too flashy. It's an updated classic, a standout bag. The price is amazing. I wouldn't pass up that deal. The other bag is kind of boring and mainstream, to me. It just depends on what you will use, though. If the MJ is never going to get used, then it's not such a good deal. I love it, though.
  15. well ladies, thanks for all the advice. It looks like it may have been just a pipe dream however. I live in London, and there is this shop that is now at 60% off and they had a lot of the MJ bags left. The salelady told me that they would soon be going to 70% off and she was pretty sure there would still be a MJ left since there were so many. So, right now the bag is at 330 pounds, which is like 670 dollars. They are going to 70% off sometime next week but I just called the place and there are now only two of these bags left... so, the chances of it being there when they hit 70 are pretty slim. She said the bags have been going quickly now. I know its still not a bad deal, but I have my doubts about the bag and dont want to spend almost 700 dollars on it. I might have spent 500. OK, so in a way I am glad! makes the decision for me! Sorry to all you ladies who I got all excited.
    Can I ask a question... I am fairly new to this whole expensive bag thing. I was wondering if you know when the best time to start shopping all the spring sales would be? I have decided to put some money away for it this time so that I can snap up at least two gorgeous bags come the next sale season. I think thats the only way to afford this habit! So, anyone know how that all works?