A Chloe Newbie

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  1. I am new to the Chloe sub forum. You will normally find me in the Mulberry sub forum.
    I just wanted to share my recent purchases with you all. Thank you Lescoy and Brigidette for all your help with authenticating these bags.

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  2. Very nice! I especially like the sasika and the betty.
  3. Uh Uh...Thats two of us here...!Love your new bags....!
  4. wow - great finds. loving the patent betty
  5. Thank you KissP and Rowe55 for your lovely comments.
    Hi Birkin girl, My secrets are out. Fell in love with Chloe recently. Another one is on the way to me. Help!!! I think I have now got the Chloe bug.(but there will always be a place in my heart for Mulberry too. There is room for both)
  6. I agree...Really want /need a marcie....!
  7. ^^^I really want/need a Paraty and a Marcie. Have you had a look at them in BT. They are gorgeous. I bought my wallet on that trip.
  8. That's a great start for a Chloe collection!
  9. Great bags, all are very nice, love that Saskia with the studs!! Congrats and welcome to Chloe!!
  10. love the studded saskia - some great first purchases - enjoy developing a chloe addiction :smile:
  11. Gorgeous bags. Congrats!
  12. Gorgeous collection. Love it!
  13. I LOVE the Saskia!
  14. So do I!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. I love the studded Saskia, and adore all Betties!
    Congratulations! :yahoo: