A Cherry Blossom surprise for my favourite people!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I was searching TPF for some Cherry Blossom wallpapers, and I couldn't find any :crybaby:There was only one small one, and I thought - "this won't do, people have had 5 years to make one! I'll have to make my own!". So I spent the morning making the brown/pink Cherry Blossom combo, and I remembered people had posted, asking for the Cherry Blossom wallpaper so I thought "Why don't I share the one I made with everyone on TPF, I'm sure they'll appreciate it!"

    So without further ado, here you go! I made it extra blossomy! (I also made it extra large for you - 1280 x 1024 pixels, so hopefully its big enough for everyones screens :biggrin:)

    PS: I made it just for all you good people on TPF, so please don't spread it around the internet! It's a gift just for you TPFers! :flowers:

    PPS: If you want to edit it and then post it on here (eg you want to make the blossoms blue or something) then please PM me first - thanks, it took forever to make!
  2. Awesome Blossoms!!!! :love:
  3. ^^ Thanks, maybe if there is enough interest I'll put up the pink/pink and the red/gold Cherry Blossom wallpapers I made :biggrin: Hehe...
  4. beautiful :tup: :girlsigh:

    can you made the Cerises too :shame::blush:
  5. Ohh, pretty... thanks!! :smile:
  6. wow, your efforts are greatly appreciated. thank you so much for thinking of us - it looks like it took forever to complete.
  7. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Thanks ladies :biggrin: Fancy another wallpaper?:supacool:

    hawaii2484 Yes, it took ages! Especially placing and rotating all the petals!
  9. oh yes,please dear :yes:

    your wallpaper is super clear !!!! :heart:
  10. thank you!
  11. hehe thanks. yay it fits my mac laptop 8)

    woot woot
  12. Thanks!

    After making the brown/pink combo wallpaper I thought "Hmmm.... I wonder what it looks like in pink/pink? Why don't I find out!". So I made one :biggrin: Here you are, a fabulous, girly pink/pink Cherry Blossom wallpaper for you!

    PS and PPS as in post #1 (Don't post outside of TPF & don't edit and repost here without asking me :smile: )

  13. AWESOME BLOOOOSUMS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want more... Gimme more blossoms!!:yahoo:
  14. OMG...thank you so much! I would love the red/gold version too. I think I will try printing these out and using them on boxes or something.
  15. Yay thanks so much