A cheating bf and buying Chanel bags. *pic*

  1. Help me pick a bag. I really need something to cheer me up even if only for a short time.

    Long story short, my live-in bf for 5 years cheated on me and busted. The sad thing was, he's attracted to a girl that's not even pretty or good looking. She's the same height as me but 35 lbs heavier than me with lots of 'muffin top' & huge thighs & she dressed like Hooter girl wanna-be. I met her & she was wearing a short so short that her ass was hanging out & I'm not talking about a hot, toned ass. and a very tight tshirt that cling to her muffin tops. (and I'm not saying this girl is ugly just b/c I don't like her or b/c she's not skinny, she was just a very tasteless girl, no class at all). He treated her better than he treats me.
    I sprained my hand while slapping & beating him 2 days ago since I was blind with rage.

    Now, humor me & help me choose a Chanel bag because I want to shop so bad to distract myself. and what better way than haunting tPF. I'm planning to buy 1 or 2.

    I only have 2 Chanel bags right now since I got Chanel-bug just few months ago. A 2.55 black calfskin & black Mademoiselle tote:
    Don't mind my outfit, I'm a blubbering mess right now (depressed during the day, bawled my eyes out at night) & I'm in the process of packing up my closets so I just grabbed something to wear.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and here's the bags that I'm considering:
    1. Black cerf w/ silver hardware (I love this bag since a year ago but it's very basic & not very Chanel-ish)

    2. 'Hybrid' Caviar classic flap with MM lock White

    3. White GST

    4. Black GST (I'm not really crazy about GST)

    and if someone could find me this bag I could kiss her/him right there and then, unfortunately this bag is almost impossible to find.

    *I took the pics from reference library*

    Thanks for reading my long winded post & sorry for my personal rant.. I just need to vent somewhere
    - P
  2. so sorry about the bf...hugs...

    i say go with the cerf since you love it so.
  3. So sorry about the boyfriend! What a jerk! I like the pic #2 with Rachel Bilson. Cerf is too plain. I like the GST, but seems kind of similar to your other tote.
  4. He does not deserve you and you are a total hottie! I'm sure you have a line of guys waiting ;)

    As for the bag, I love the white distressed caviar flap! Gorgeous, classy and a different color from your current collection! :heart:
  5. Im so sorry about your BF. I could feel your anger and sadness reading your post. I hope you feel better soon. SHOP, have girl time, and take care of YOU!
    I love the last bag!!! Try and find it!! ITS AMAZING!
  6. *hug* sorry about the bf thing :hs:
    hmmm...for you new purse, i think you can choose either white GST or white hybrid. i personally think the white hybrid looks very gorgeous. :yes:
  7. retail therapy always works for me! my vote goes to the hybrid caviar flap--i think it would look really cute on you. i'm also looking for that VL e/w tote you posted as the last pic of your choices...and yes, seems impossible to find.

    ps: what is a muffin top??
  8. *Hugs* Sorry to hear about your bf, or ex-bf now. Hope you will bump into a guy who will treat you right.
    Out of your choices of bag, I love #2 and the last one. :yes: BTW, I love that black reissue tht you have, both bags look gorgeous on you!:tup:
  9. #2 and #3 ...and i already voiced to you my feelings about your situation... a big GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and :mad: and :censor:
  10. I am so sorry about your bf. I would suggest you go for the hybrid flap as it would add some color to your collection and it is very cute.
  11. when you wear tight jeans/pants and some skin come out of them...making it look like a muffin

    Im sorry about the bf...my vote goes to the second bag its TDF
  12. ^^ A little extra midriff flab that hangs over your jeans, if they are too tight.

    I like the Cerf or the Caviar classic flap.

    Sorry about that jerky BF of yours. :tdown:
  13. sorry...about the boyfriend...however. it is his loss...each of the bags shown above are great bags...the white hybrid is fabulous...
  14. Sorry to hear about you and your BF. You deserve better and you definitely derve a new chanel. :yes: I'm voting for the hybrid. I have one and I love it!!
  15. Thank for the support girls.. made me feel a bit better :heart:

    as for the bag... I think I'm getting the white hybrid AND the cerf (I deserve to go a bit ballistic in my retail therapy :cursing:)

    as for the white hybrid, which is good?