A Chat or Random Conversation thread section?

Jan 28, 2007
I know recently there has been a lot of controversey recently over threads being "hijacked" or just used for chatting over random subjects, etc. I've read that people were complaining about them, then the threads got closed, and then those people got upset (I am not one of those people who complained OR got upset, but I just had an idea here), but I can kind of see how these "Chat Threads" take over the General Discussion area a little bit and keep bumping over other threads. Maybe it would be a good idea to move them all into one section so whoever wants to participate in them can be content and people who are getting "frustrated" by them just don't have to visit that particular forum? That way everyone can be happy? Just an idea! :idea:


May 7, 2006
I think that is a great idea....there are a couple threads that are more of a chat and are always on page 1, and others threads kind of get bumped out of the way.
These 'chat' threads are really not related to any topic either...they just kind of evolve over time.
Jan 28, 2007
^ That could be an idea... like a sub section of general. Let me see what Vlad thinks :yes:
Yeah, even better! Because then it would still be related to the General Discussion forum.

^^ Twiggers, I agree, because the chat threads are much more active and tend to be at the top of the forum more often.


Nov 10, 2007
Yes like a club house. It is general chat, but these threads are always bumped and do take away from others :yes:
I think it's a good idea. It would definitely cut down on both people feeling like threads are getting hijacked and on any irritation others might feel at seeing the same threads all the time on page one in Gen. Disc. :tup:

There are a ton of threads that could be moved to a Chat or Club section if we had one. As it is now you have many people who love those threads and would be really upset if they were closed and many people who are truly annoyed by them and would prefer to see new topics on the front page. And on any given day, I could be in either camp. :nuts: