A Charming Reunion

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  1. Shannen Doherty & Holly Marie Combs spotted recently @ Nobu in Maliba, California: Any one like the bag shes wearing? I think it's kind of cool, does anyone know the brand? I was thinking maybe Kooba but im not sure.

    Seems like you posted the wrong links. Please feel free to try again.
  2. Not seeing them in these pictures. Sorry but that girl with the bananas better not move an inch.
  3. The pictures arent showing up? :confused1:
  4. Mods - this needs to be removed!!!!

  5. Wow, unless my mind is lost in the gutter(which it usually is) I'm afraid to know what she is doing.:lol:
  6. ?????????????????????
  7. lol, im not sure why others are seeing something else? i got the pictures from perezhilton.com but i googled it and they had it at this site too, you can click on the photo so it appears larger so there is a whole page of them together so try these: hopefully someone can id the bag! lol
  8. OK now I see. I love the bag. I also love the Charmed series. Athough the banana girl was very amusing.
  9. Im kind of intrigued to know what the banana girl was...
  10. All she was wear while relaxing on the ground were many bunches of carefully placed produce (i.e. bananas) It gave a whole new meaning to the term ripe banana.
  11. i now have another reason to not eat bananas...
  12. Well it's not an image I would want to associate with my morning breakfast. However all the same I guess to some it would be considered artistic expression. Sorry I strayed from the topic....
  13. haha i didnt even see the banana girl, i guess it somehow she got transfered onto the pictures because its a free hosting site.