A CHARMing Idea

  1. Great match!
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  2. What a cool idea! Funny that I put charms on some of my bags but never use the lock. Now you inspire me to go dig out my locks and play with them!
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  3. This is very cute, especially with the coordinating twilly.
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  4. I don't prefer bag charms, although I do like twills to dress up a bag. But I think your idea is very pretty and looks cute!
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  5. I'm like several posters - for me, my bags seem to be better without charms. Your idea of the coordinating locks is genius though! Superb styling!
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  6. Super cute! What an awesome idea!
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  7. Wow! Thank you all so much! I love the rodeos and have bought several of them, but I think it's because my mother (who lives with us) loves them. She is 71 and has no problem wearing one or even two on her bag. So, as much as I want to say that maybe it's an age issue, I really think it's just not my style.

    I spent so much time not being able to find any good Twillies that now I have a bunch, and most of them coordinate at least two or three of my bags, so pulling it together is easy. Actually, this is the same Twilly:

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  8. Great idea! I love it!!!
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  9. I love this B!!! Looks spectacular!!!
    Here are two pics from my IG when I used diff clouchettes... even TWO at one time hahahah
    IMG_0161.jpg IMG_0162.jpg
  10. love it!!!
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  11. Heehee, she looks very cute B! And I think it's a brilliant idea!
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  12. Is this baby b?! I thought yours was in swift?
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  13. Oooh, LOVE these, IF!!! I'm not surprised that you have done this before me, it looks gorgeous!
  14. Thank you!!!
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  15. Thanks sweetie!! The Rose Azalee 25 is in swift...the black one is togo. :graucho:
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