A CHARMing Idea

  1. Hi, everyone! I don't know if this is a new idea or not (if this is old, my apologies!), but I haven't seen it yet, so here goes.

    I like the bag charms....I really do. They are so cute! But they really are not for me. I have a few and I rarely (if ever) use them. And I was thinking - well, I have all of these beautiful H bags...and they sort of actually come with a charm already, don't they? The clochette and the lock. Why not mix and match them on my bags instead?

    So I tested it out today, on my K28 sellier in anemone GHW, with the clochette and lock from my rose Azalee B25 GHW.

    Added a Twilly (Savana Dance) to tie the colors together...

    What do you all think? Yea or Nay?
    Actually, I kinda like it.

  2. Yes! Ive actually thought of doing this myself before. Great idea.
  3. Very, very cute!!
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  4. It's done tastefully and beautifully coordinated! Have fun decorating your beautiful bag~:heart:
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  5. Great idea. You can create your own contrast bag charms !! Brilliant.
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  6. Yes
    Good idea
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  7. Great combo and a fantastic idea!!
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  8. Elegant and unique....
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  9. I'm sure I'm in the minority when I say I actually do not like bag charms. Of any type. I don't care who makes them. That said, I think your idea of mixing up the clochette/lock looks really nice. Smart idea!
  10. Very matching!
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  11. I agree with you about the bag charms, personally they are not for me but everyone else seems to manage to make theirs look so good!
    Your idea is great and looks really pretty! It's perfect to add a little colour/contrast in a very nice way without being OTT.
  12. Great idea! I like the contrasting colors....
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  13. Love it!!
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  14. I do this as well. I will post some archive pics later... but I love to add pops of color using other clouchettes!
  15. I think it looks great! Especially with the twilly to match.
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