A Change to my Pomme d'Amour Items...Pics!

  1. Okay,well we've already established that I'm nuts. So, I was using the Zippy wallet and didn't like it. It's too big. Just too red and big and red. Big red zippy wallet.

    So, I called Boston LV and had hubby stop in there on his way home and bring me this one intead:

    Also, for you Boston girls, the SA said they have plenty of ALL red items and there's not even a list there. I got this one with no problem and she said they had plenty of everything, so go get them!! :yes: :yes:

    Enjoy the pics!!
    100_0158.jpg 100_0157.jpg
  2. I like this one so much better. It's a little more feminine looking I think, for me anyway, and a little smaller. Much better for me. I love it!
  3. congrats! but dont you know... that this is big and red too?
    lol :smile:
  4. :lol: even if you're a little bonkers, it's great to see more Pomme pics :biggrin: Congrats on making yourself happy with the wallet you really want :biggrin:

  5. LOL! I know! But, somehow not so big or so red as that zippy!!
  6. Oooh I was wondering if they had it in that style.


    ^OT... Traci... Is there a Nordstrom in Boston?? TIA
  7. Congratulations.
  8. nice! i was looking at that last night! soooo pretty!
  9. Lovely!
  10. This one is much better IMO:p
  11. Very nice.
  12. :love: :love:
  13. Thanks guys!! I'm so glad they had this one because I really really love this style of wallet. I guess I got so used to it that none of the others really do it for me. Thank God they had it!! (And that hubby was going by Boston today!)LOL
  14. congrats! I like that wallet better...you are right though, the zippy is a biggg wallet!
  15. Congratulations! I'm glad you're happier with your new wallet. :yes: I love both the zippy and the PTI --- they are so nice!! I am waiting for a call from my SA to let me know when the zippy wallet comes in. I love bigger wallets, though!!

    It's great that LV makes wallets in all different sizes!!