A change of heart

  1. Guys, do you ever buy a bag that at the time of purchasing you werent so sure about it. But at the end, you grow to like it more and more and it's suddenly one of your fave bags?

    A lil story of my 35 chartreuse birkin. When it was shown to us the SA said it was the only one available at the time (yeah, of course, it is always the last one! :P ). I have to admit, I came into the store hoping that we will be shown a 30, since I was so sure, thru previous experiences of trying on 35s, that this size was just a def no no for my tiny frame. I did my best to convince myself at that time that I just couldnt passed this opportunity of getting this birkin from the mothership. My mom instantly fell in love with the bag, she said get it get it, so I thought, good, she wanted it = I can borrow it :graucho:

    Then I found the 30 ebene and I was glad that I got my wish of getting a 30.

    Until the time I came home from the trip, I still wasnt 100% sure about the chartreuse. I was even going to offered it for a trade with another boardie. But then I started using it and using it, and I myself, was VERY surprised at how comfortable that bag is. And at this time, I am absolutely in :heart: with the chartreuse. I was like, wow, what was I thinking trying to let it go :upsidedown: I havent used my 30s in the last month coz I'm very comfortable using my 35.

    Do you guys share a similar story? If so, please do share :flowers:
  2. i was shown a chocolate brown HAC fjord with gold hardware. i checked it out and found it to be a heavy bag and with the small HAC handle it was a bit awkward. went home and stressed about it, then decided it to be a great fall bag and when i called back, it was gone! waaahhh!

    if you think you don't like a bag, think a thousand times before turning it down!
  3. It has definitely happened to me before, except it was the other way around. When I saw the fuchsia ostrich retourne 32cm Kelly, my heart skipped a beat. My first choice was 28cm sellier, but that bag just looked sooo good on the shelf so I took it. But as time goes on, I liked it less and less because it just wasn't sellier 28cm and my stuff tend to slide around inside. So at the end I ended up getting rid of it.

  4. Yeah that! :graucho: I'm glad I didnt turn down the chartreuse, I would never experience to joy of using a 35 if I did.

    Kou, I'm sorry you had to give up your 32 :sad: But sometimes, we cant fool what the heart wants.
  5. This is currently happening to me with Rouge Garance, which is probably a good thing, since my vif has been put out to pasture.......
  6. GF, I hope it all works out for ya.. give it some more time, use it often like I did..
  7. This happened to me with the Potiron Massai. I debated on whether I needed 2 H shoulder bags or if I should keep saving for something else. I went back two days later and of course the Massai was gone. :crybaby:
  8. It talk an amazing woman to carry a chartreuse bag and pull it off! You must be something else to say the least. I love that color and I am so glad you kept it!!!