A change of heart... uh oh

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  1. So, last Friday I bought this beautiful red Lexington.


    I do love it. But tonight I went to LV with my friend, as she is trying to find a bag she likes, and I was suddenly smitten with this gorgeous Roxbury....


    Problem: I can't reeeeeaally afford/justify both.

    And since the Roxbury is bigger, I think I would use it more, AND I could still carry it to formal events.

    I am thinking seriously about returning the Lex so I can buy the Roxbury!

    But I LOVE the cute little Lexington!

    HELP :s
  2. If you don´t love the Lexington as much as the Roxbury, than exchange them.
  3. I personally think the Roxbury is *THE* style to have for vernis. The fact that it doubles as a shoulder bag AND a handheld.... definitely Roxbury!
  4. Yeah I agree with Nola. It sounds like you need a roomy bag more than you need a clutch/nighttime bag.
  5. Your bag is gorgeous, but if u think you'll get more out of the Roxbury, exchange it.
    Love the red ipod nano.
  6. The roxbury makes a really nice clutch. Why don't you exchange the lexington?
  7. i think the lex is adorable, but the roxbury seems gorgeous AND more practical - also seems like you like it more :yes: i say go for the exchange, if you love it!
  8. If you feel you go to formal events often then do it! I like the lexington because it's nice enough for a dinner out, but it's not too showy. I'm so in love with your lexington and nano combo. I ordered the nano in red because of it LOL
  9. Your red Lexington is better.
  10. Are returns at LV pretty easy? I still have all my paperwork & tags of course.

    I have a feeling that they do not have the red Roxbury in stock right now at Union Sq. I am willing to wait if they need to order from another store, but is that usually a pretty smooth process?
  11. in my experience, very smooth process.
  12. I would return it for the Roxbury ...I LOVE your red nano ..I wish they had released them here:yes:
  13. I must admit that the Lex is a bit too small for me... I even bought a tiny wallet that would fit inside :sad: which I will now return.

    While the Roxbury is bigger, it's not THAT much bigger, and is still a fairly petite bag, IMO...


    I think I may have convinced myself! Heh.
  14. Congrats on your Lexington... It's gorgeous! But... the Roxbury is even better! So exchange it!

    Maybe you can try calling your local stores to check if they've stock before you go? If not, you can ask them to give you a call when they have stock (or once they receive stock from other stores) so that you can do the exchange?
  15. roxbury!!!!