A CHANEL warning to Editors, Advertisers, Copywriters, etc.

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  1. oh no what did he say?

  2. i am not too surprised even if he did.. but.. oh well.. artists are tend to have odd behaviours..
    i'm in love w/his designs not him as a person.. haha
  3. I'd love to bring their lawyers to stamp out all the fakes I've seen!!!
  4. Yes, it comes off as a little pompous, but who can blame them? Like any company, they need to protect their name, reputation, and most importantly, their sales.

    Can anybody give me any examples of fashion editors actually calling something... "Chanel-ized"? That made me crack up. :biggrin:
  5. I was in Chanel Montaigne 2 days ago waiting for my SA to get back to me with a pair of shoes in my size and 2 girls were hanging there, probably visiting the store for the first time I could tell by their behaviour, and one of them was carrying a real fake, no doubt, sometimes, if you're not an expert, you can have doubts, but believe me, this one was a horrible cheap counterfeit, everybody could tell but everybody was soo busy that I guess no one paid attention, excepted me and 2 women, we looked at each other, totally speachless. It was like "This girl got balls or she's totally crazy !!!" but I prefer to think she didn't know though it was impossible not to see that bag was fake.
  6. There's nothing pompous about it IMO. I think luxury brands should be *more* proactive about policing their trademarks.
  7. imagine how upset the company is when their real goods are being peddled and 'imitated' badly. I'd be pretty upset if i wrote a novel and someone ripped it off..
  8. Well, he had already told mean things about her on French TV....such as she's too small, too "heavy" structured, she smiles too much, she doesn't have anything of a top model, nobody knows her in France anyway, not even Claudia Schiffer ! And he said he was not a dermatologist but those craters Seal's got on his face are awful , my skin is more beautiful than his, etc etc...Lately on French TV, it was Audrey Tautou's turn...
  9. I don't think you could get sued for your name. Now the area gets a little fuzzy if a person named Chanel (last name) starts marketing a product with their name. If the product is in fashion, CHANEL trademark might be enforced and held because it held the trademark first. But what if the full name of the person is used? I'm not sure what would happen. I'd hate to not be able to use your own name. Would you have to change your name or use an alias?

    If the product is not sold in the fashion industry, then there would be less confusion among the public.

    Surely there must be some precedence in copyright trademark cases, but hey I'm not a lawyer.

  10. yes that is exactly that K said, and what I was talking about in my previous post...
    K is a fashion icon that many people look up to. Therefore I don't believe he should be making mean statements like these to others. It's immature. ugh.
  11. I really wish all the designers would aggressively defend their brands.
    I swear, if I see one more teenager with a fake Cambon, I'll go crazy.
  12. Yes... I wonder what they are going to do with those whose last name is CHANEL... because it is still a name! I was just checking for Paris France, and quite a few bear the name... I did not try for the rest of the country, but I think it is ridiculous... I understand they want to protect their brand, but it is a name at first.
  13. support! LOL!