A CHANEL warning to Editors, Advertisers, Copywriters, etc.

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  1. Ah knew they were protective, but thanks for posting.
  2. Hate to be the only dissenter - hope I do not get stoned here!
    I love Chanel but methinks this is all rather draconian. It is one thing to protect IP and chastize piracy and the proliferation of counterfeit goods but this is also about the freedom of the use of language.

    So how now? Can't name the cat, dog, or parrot Chanel either?
  3. :P Name the animal Karl instead.
  4. I wonder if he lets Chanel Iman walk in his shows or if he is going to sue her instead? ;)
  5. glad thye r enforcing it
  6. :roflmfao: LOL i believe she opened for one of his shows a couple years back.

    i really hope they crack down more on fake merchandise. im so sick of seeing fake reissues in Forever21 and Aldo to name a few.
  7. ^Yes, I agree!

    I see so many Chanel-like bags in little stores all the time!
  8. Can you sue someone for using the name "Chanel" I mean is it really wrong for mbmj to call a jacket "chanel jacket" or whatever?
  9. They have my support! =D I wouldn't want someone to use my name if I was my own label.
  10. don't know if this is related or not.. but i read it on the article that Mon posted..

    It stated Karl Lagerfeld is trying to change minds on child labor policy ...
    what does this mean? he uses child labor or does not ?
  11. They should have a word with Dior about their 'homage'...
  12. went to our local shopping centre yesterday and stumbled upon a FAKE chanel wallet selling for $227 AUD, a FAKE reissue bag for $189 and FAKE cosmetic bag for $80! :nono:

    my friends said 'see, what's the point of spending so much money. just come here, they look so much the same!' :noggin:
  13. :
  14. I've never seen this letter, very interesting.
  15. I was reading the article and I am very upset about what K Lagerfield said towards Seal and Heidi Klum. He is obnoxious.. saying such mean things to people who didn't even do anything to him!!! Why is he laughing at Seal's skin condition? ugh makes me want to ban Chanel from now on!!!