A CHANEL warning to Editors, Advertisers, Copywriters, etc.

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  1. I also support the warning, CHANEL just wants to protect their trademark.

    This is not new, BTW. I've seen this a couple of times before.
  2. ^^Oh really? I thought it was new. I'm glad they are actively protecting the brand.
  3. LOL at "Chanel-ized" and "Chanel-issime". I wonder where these terms were used?
  4. Nice.
  5. I hope Chanel gets even more aggressive in their fight against counterfeiters too.
  6. Yeah i've seen it before as well!! But I'm glad CHANEL is trying to protect their name.
  7. Get Em!!:yes::yes::yes::yes:
  8. They're lawyers, and they can't come up with better terms? How about Chanel-esque?
  9. Yes, they have to remind people every few years. :smile:
  10. marc by marc jacobs had that "chanel jacket" for sale last season. it was gross. definitely not chanel or even chanel-esque!
  11. Good point!:tup:
  12. Good for them!
  13. I couldnt agree more! =]
  14. As well they should!