A Chanel virgin, ready to take the plunge. Advice pls! :)

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  1. Hi Girls,

    I've been saving up for a Chanel bag for awhile and have finally decided to take the plunge. Now, the next obvious question is which colour to get?

    I've decided on a style - the Medallion tote. I'm not one to wear black bag and have always prefer on a bag that will provide my outfit with a pop of colour. At first, I was leaning towards the Medallion tote in beige. I've got another beige tote - the Chloe paddington, but it's too heavy for everyday use. I think that the beige is a nice neutral colour that will go with almost everything. However, I'm a bit concerned with the maintenance. Does it get dirty easily? I take the public transport to work (I live in Singapore, by the way), so am a bit concerned with the beige not handling commute very well.

    Just today, I was browsing on Ebay and stumbled upon a Medallion tote in yellow! Now, yellow has always been my favorite colour and I don't have a yellow bag yet because I've always been searching for just that right egg-yolk, but-not-too-orange kind of yellow. Judging from the pictures from the seller, this has just the right kind of yellow and it will provide me with that pop of colour that I've always go for.

    Safe to say, I'm torn now. So, I'm seeking for your advice on yellow vs. beige. Would it be better to get a neutral colour for my first Chanel, or get something that would give me that pop of colour? Any input will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks heaps! :smile:
  2. Beige would be a excellent choice. Would you consider other styles? Or you more or less decided that the medallion suits your style more? Pop by the Ngee Ann City boutique and give the bag a try :smile:
  3. Please, go with what suites you best. I say this, because many will try to convince you that a black caviar jumbo is the way to go as a "CHANEL virgin." However, you decided on the medallion, which I think is the perfect first Chanel! I love the medallion in beige caviar... it's sooo classy and beautiful, JMO. So, beige gets my vote.
  4. Beige!! I don't think yellow looks good on most bags IMHO.
  5. Beige because I think you will get more use out of it. Good luck with your decision!
  6. going against the grain here.. I'm not a big fan of beige.. If yoiu like the pop of color and know that you will use the yellow, go for that
  7. Between those two colors, I prefer the beige. if I were you, I would choose a natural color for my everyday bag. Personally, I do not think yellow is a natural color since it only could match with certain colors. However, it's just my opinion. If the yellow could make your heart sing, you should go for it.
  8. I would not recommend the beige in lambskin...I think it's not an everyday bag. You intend on using this bag frequently, so I would definitely go with caviar. If you like the yellow, go for it. It is not as timeless as its black or red or beige siblings but if you think you'll enjoy it more, go for it! Good luck!
  9. Thank you ibezj, Jing Ling, OlgaMUA, Jaded81, lightdays, bdrmflr and angelsky for your inputs!! :hugs:

    As adviced by angelsky, I went to the Chanel store to try on the beige Medallion (and yes, I'm pretty much set on the style partly because I can't be bothered to save further for a classic flap :sweatdrop:, besides liking the casual style of the Medallion tote) and... I LOVE IT. Totally love at first sight. However, I haven't take the plunge yet. There is another consideration - the fact that the yellow Medallion is 2nd hand (although in a very good condition) and the beige is a new piece - thus I'm leaning more towards the beige.

    Now, the beige that they have on the Chanel store in Singapore is a light beige. I saw on the forum that there's a darker beige? For girls that have a lighter beige of Chanel, do you find it hard to take care of the colour? The skin that I was looking at was caviar, not lambskin. I personally like the appearance of the caviar better than the lambskin.

    Sorry for the never ending questions :shame:, and I really appreciate everybody's inputs!
  10. You're welcome! I used to have a white caviar jumbo and had NO problems looking after her at all. So it isn't really a problem. Lambskin however is a whole different story. I personally prefer the light beige to the darker mustardy beige. Goodlcuk on your decision!
  11. Beige!!!
  12. Definitely beige - imho just a classier color for a handbag. I love yellow for other stuff though.
  13. beige
  14. Beige
  15. I think you should go for the beige one in that case, and I think the Medallion would be a perfect first Chanel for you :smile:

    I actually purchased a darker beige Medallion a few weeks ago and I had to return it right away because I didn't like the colour at all, it was not pretty at all (in my opinion), so personally I would go for the lighter beige one! And it's always nice to get your first Chanel new and unused! And if you are worried about the lighter beige, don't be! There are many products that will help you with the cleaning! (One super product for Chanel bags is the: "Meltonian All Purpose Leather Cleaner and Conditioner" I've read here).

    I think you will be very happy with whatever you choose, and go with what you want! Good luck :biggrin: