A Chanel Valentines Day!!

  1. I got ..NOT ONE..BUT ...TWO CHANEL BAGS TODAY!!!!!HEEHEE!!!!:love::supacool::wtf:

    First I got the impossible to find RED LAMBSKIN MEDIUM FLAP WITH BIJOUX CHAIN !!!
    Always loved it and when one popped up in my life.COULDNT SAY NO!

    Second.......My Valentines Day gift from my kids....The NEW TIMELESS ACCORDIAN CAVIAR FLAP!!!in BLACK!
    Wow..its even bigger than i thought and its ADORABLE!!!!!

    Will post pics for u guys tonight.Just got back from movies with my daughters!

  2. Congrats Jill... what great new additions! (Especially since you've been lusting after both the red bijoux flap and the timeless accordian!)

    Can't wait to see the pics of GLAM-MA in action!
  3. congrats.. will wait for your pics
  4. Ooo:huh:ohh! Now that's the kinda valentine's I'm talking about! I had a Chanel Valentine's today too except not as big as yours! Can't wait to see the pics!
  5. awww congrats to you!!! now you have more to add to your happy family!! excited for the pics!
  6. aw that is so sweeeeet!!! i cant wait to see pictures.
  7. pics pics pics!!!
  8. congrats and happy valentine's day! can't wait to see pics!
  9. Lucky!! Congrats~ and can't wait for pics!
  10. Wow! What a Vtines day. Looking forward to seeing your pics.
  11. Congrats!!
  12. Wow Jill, can't wait to see those pics now!:heart:
  13. OMG! I'm so jealous! Congrats on 2 wonderful bags!
  14. congrats Jill! i can't wait to see pics! happy valentine's day!!!
  15. Congrats on a fab Valentine's Day Jill! Can't wait to see pics of your 2 Chanel bags!