A Chanel Surprise

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  1. Only my fellow TPFers could appreciate this cake my DH found for me. I hated to cut into the it-the chain detail was perfect as was the quilting. The CC clasp however was affected by the 100 degree temps outside.:smile: I would love to share a slice with all of you, come on over! IMG_0222.jpg IMG_0222.jpg
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  2. It's a cake?!? I thought it's a vintage piece! Thanks for sharing!
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  3. i'd eat the straps koz i wouldn't mind gold teeth :biggrin:
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  4. Wow!! It looks amazing!
  5. Fabulous!!!
    Please do share a photo of how a slice looks!
  6. That's a cake? What do the gold chains taste like and is the black a liquorice flavour?
  7. Woah! Very cool!
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  8. You married a GOOD MAN!!!! that cake is fantastic (I made sure I showed by DH)
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  9. Way cool!!
  10. Omg! That's too cool and yes plz show us the slide ;)
  11. This is amazing! What was the occasion if I may ask?
  12. The cake looks amazing! Does it taste as good as it looks?
  13. Oh,thank you :nuts: it looks really amazing!!!!!!!!
  14. Lovely cake!! He did well!
  15. That is so cool! Hope it tasted as good as it looks. :heart: