A Chanel specialist that does not know what a 227 or 228 reissue is???

  1. What an idiot!! Sorry but I'm mad.:cursing:

    I put my name on several lists for the new reissues in metallic black and dark silver.

    So I got a call today from a clueless SA saying that she had a 2.55 black metallic in. I asked her what size and she said large.

    I asked her the price and she told me $3150. I asked her if it might have been a 228 because the price is so high.

    And she says in a very stern tone-- "NO, its a 2.55!"
    I told her that I was quite aware that it was a 2.55 but that those come in several sizes and I was trying to identify which size she had.

    "All i know is that its a 2.55." she shays.

    ARGHH. I told her that the 227 is my preferable size and she didnt have a clue what I was talking about.
    I asked her if I could talk to the Chanel specialist and she said it was her!!!!

    What a goodball. I told her nevermind.

    I don't get it. I'm annoyed

    Better off anyway--I don't need to charge anything else on my credit card anyways--:supacool:
  2. Oh how rude ... I would have just hung up. I have a low tolerance for stuff like that.
  3. How snooty! I wouldn't even want her to get my commission.

  4. Normally I'm pretty calm. But she was talking to me like I had no idea what I was talking about.....and she was the one who was clueless

    She honestly expected me to buy a bag over the phone that she couldnt even properly identify. That's annoying. I'm not buying socks. It's a $3k handbag. :cursing:
  5. I'm sorry you are having problems and that she was so rude. I'm sure there are other more knowledgeable SA's around that could help you.

    Don't feel bad because I had the same problem when i called the Chanel boutique in NYC. I asked about the metallic reissues and he didn't know what I was talking about. He was naming bags like the mc tote, expandable, and some other bags. He really didn't know, but I was able to call another SA and get the bag.
  6. I guess I should thank for having this forum where everyone sharing their knowledge. If I don't know this place, I am not sure I know better than that SA.

  7. That's true. I am thankful to the forum too.

    But I just personally expect SA's to know basic info. Especially those who claim to be "Chanel Specialists" :supacool:
  8. what a dumb SA...even i know the sizes for a 2.55 lol
  9. i ran into the same problem. i asked for a 2.55 and she put the classic on hold for me.:tdown:
  10. I think some SAs use size to identify a bag instead of style number as we use here. I don't think they cannot be specialist if they don't get used to use style number. It's just habit. There is no Chanel standard way. Also, they must know and memorize the name of many many bags past and current. For us, just a few bags that we like. A little understanding goes a long way.:smile:
  11. just speak slowly, tell them to look at their lookbooks and explain everything clearly...
  12. From what I understand, the SA's generally dont refer to the reissues by 226, 227, etc. Only we do. LOL. I always get dead silence on the phone or blank looks when I ask them and refer to those numbers.
  13. Let's play jeopardy (haha, I'm supposed to be studying for an exam :p)!

    Category: Chanel sales associates/specialists for $1000

    Question: A Chanel specialist that does not know what a 227 or 228 reissue is???


    Answer: Who is... a freakin dumbass!!!


  14. um. yeah. that didnt work. She got defensive, short and rude.

    If I was trying to sell someting to someone i would have tried to figure it out. "let me look a little further into it" might have been a good thing for her to say.:idea:

    Instead she chose to be rude.

    I totally get the fact that SA's might use different terminology or not know everysingle thing about every single bag......but come on......she never once volunteered to check into it or do any research. She just let it go.

  15. That's a shame! She could have told you the style number from the Chanel tag, like A30228.... That way you would have known which size it was.