A chanel or A dior??

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  1. I have to decide between lady dior or a chanel GST or an E/W what do you think is the best choice???:smile:

    I already posted in the chanel thread to have their point of views and now I'm asking for dior lover's point of you !!

    I only own one dior the panarea in black pm

    I hope this is not against the rules to get different point of views in different forums!!
  2. I have both: the large LD in purple patent, and the Chanel GST in black patent, both with SHW. They're about the same size, but they're very different looks, so it depends on what you're looking for. I use my GST in a more casual way, because it's a shoulder bag, whereas my LD is more dressy, because it's primarily a hand-held. (The LD does come with a shoulder strap, but it somehow feels out of place to wear the large with the shoulder strap. Weight-wise and size-wise, they're comparable.) The GST is mostly open, with only a center zippered area, and a small zippered pocket, but the LD is fully zippered, if safety is of concern for you.

    (I don't have an E/W to compare it to, only jumbos and maxis. )
  3. Hi, duplicate threads are not allowed, I'm afraid. I'm gonna close this one since you already posted this in the Chanel forum.

    For future reference: if you would like to hear opinions on different designer bags, then please start a thread in our Handbags & Purses forum.

    Thank you! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.