A Chanel newcomer

  1. I have officially decided to buy my first Chanel bag. I have a few pairs of shoes and a pair of earrings, and some makeup and perfume, but I've always stuck to Louis Vuitton for purses, so i have no clue what type of Chanel to buy. What do you think is a good bag to start off with?
  2. First off, welcome! :love:

    What kind of bags do you like? Totes, satchels, smaller shoulder bags? There are so many different Chanel styles to choose from. Also, are you more of "classic" or "trendy"? More information please! :biggrin:
  3. I'd say I have more of a "classic" style and I was thinking about a shoulder bag. And I think i want one in a traditional black first.
  4. then u shld consider gettin the chanel caviar black medium/large flap in silver h/w....if you like it with the gold h/w, it's another great choice too.
  5. ^^ What Celia_Hish said! Sounds like a perfect match- a caviar black flap.. there are a couple sizes, so you could definitely tweak it to match your lifestyle. Take a look at the reference library at the "flaps" thread and you can see the different styles. There is two colors of hardware- silver and gold and two types of leather- caviar and lambskin.. The flaps predominantly retail for over 2k and are available at boutiques and department stores. Part of the "timeless" line so they are readily available and easily attainable!
  6. I think you should start with Classic flap or timeless tote first for your first Chanel bag....Im same as you here...normally just get LV bags but now im trying to buy Chanel bag! Whatever you choose, you will make a good choice..because all the Chanel bags are cool!! :tup::tup: Good luck!
  7. The other thing you can do is to take one of your favourite LV handbags with you when you shop for your first Chanel. Explain to the SA what you like about your LV handbag. A helpful SA should be able to pick a good Chanel for you based on your preference. Classic flap however does sound like a good choice.
  8. I'm struggling with choosing my 1st Chanel myself. Now i'm thinking about classic flap or east/west in black caviar. Go see whether you'd like it.
  9. Welcome!
    Definately check out the reference threads, as they are fun to look at anyway, I like seeing a style I like in different colours
  10. I agree with Celia_hish :tup: And what everyone else said - check out pics in the reference library and then once you have a better idea of different styles, go check it out in person at a boutique/Saks etc. It really helps to try on the bags and see how you feel with it on!