a chanel newbie saving up for a dream bag... and i have questions!!

  1. a few weeks ago i spotted a bag so pretty that i can't stop thinking about so it became my dream bag! it's a reissue and the SA said the size is a medium (is that 226?) and the one i saw was black in lambskin with twisted chain. the problem is i can't afford to get it now it has to wait at least a few more months, probably around fall.

    so here are my quesitons:

    as i was doing some research here, i'm assuming the one i saw is not the current model because it looks like the new ones only come in the new mesh like chain, not the twisted chain... am i correct? i really want the twisted chain though.

    if i wait a few months, would i still be able to get one when i'm ready? looks like certain models get sold out quick and becomes almost impossible to find. (i was drooling over a baby cabas before but stopped my search because i didn't want to pay premium for it.)

    i hear lambskin (although so so soft!) is hard to take care for so i was thinking of getting it either in cavier or patent. what colors will the new ones come in?

    please englighten a newbie here, chanel experts. i'm hoping to join you gals in the near future with my new reissue! :drool:
  2. The medium is the 226 and the large is the 227. Labmskin is very delicate and prone to scratches and can get stains. Caviar is more durable and practical for everyday use. I really don't know much about the chains. Have you checked out the reference library in the Chanel section? There is a bunch of different pics of reissues. Maybe you could find a pic of the purse you saw and post it here for more info.
    Sorry, I couldn't be more help!
  3. I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to when you say "twisted chain". Molly (gators) gave good advice. You should check out the reference section and you'll see lots of pics of 2.55 bags and reissues and will have a better idea of what you really want.

    The "reissues" that are going to be available for fall are darksilver, lightsilver and metallic black. They also surprised us all by releasing a black distressed calfskin reissue with gold chain identical to the 2005 commemorative reissues - we hear rumor that grey and bordeaux will also be available for fall.
  4. [​IMG]

    this is the one i saw... and this is what i want!!
    thd SA said it's distressed lambskin and the color is black, size is medium. price i believe is $2395. she said it's a pre-fall model but i haven't heard anyone talking about this particular one so i'm confused!

    is this really a new pre-fall model? do you think this will still be available in a few months? is the price reflect a price hike?

    or any other info on this bag will be appreciated. thanks!
  5. oops sorry.
  6. i bought this model thinking it was the black metallic reissue after being confused by the sa. i'm returning it for the reissue as soon as it comes in.

    this is a pre-fall bag and it's available now. i'm not sure how long it will continue to be available for. maybe you could purchase it on a credit card with an introductory 0% apr offer and pay it off over time? from what my sa told me, it doesn't seem that they ordered too many of them.
  7. this one is not called a reissue then? sorry i'm not very versed in chanel world... can i ask why you prefer the metallic one over this? is it just personal preference or is there some reason why this one is less desirable? :shrugs:
  8. it's the Classic Flap w/ Mademoiselle Lock on it:yes:
  9. thank you. that makes more sense. when i saw the rectangle lock i automatically assumed that it is a reissue and only searched under that. no wonder i couldn't find any information. why does this so much more than the regular classic flap though? is it because of the "Mademoiselle Lock"?
  10. Reissues also won't have any leather going through the chain handle as this classic flap. Here's a pic of the metallic black reissue (pic courtesy of chanelfans) and the classic flap you posted. Maybe that will help you understand the difference.