A Chanel line I do not like


Nov 2, 2005
I wonder if even Madame Chanel herself would have approved of the CAMBON line of bags - I have a beautiful classic tote and I love all that is Chanel except for the Cambon line - I feel that those super large C's are not in keeping with the quiet luxury I have always thought synonamous with the House of Chanel. The only one that is acceptable (to me) is the black on black - I don't know if anyone else sees it that way - ( I am often alone in my opinions) but I am curious.
I'm 22 and Love the Cambon line I feel that although I also love the classic styles sometimes for someone in her my age it looks too "classic" with jeans and flip flops. Then you have something like the reporter bag that can be used everyday more casual. That's just my style.
I have the black on black..LOVE it -however I have the Chanel slides with the C's on them in white and love them,too!...I think its a younger trendier version for Chanel.And quite frankly,I always thought Chanel was too old ladyish to wear(Originally!!!)...ever since buying that bag-I have bought several other Chanels as it opened my eyes to how much I love the quality of all their bags.
i love the cambon line. sure, the logo's big, but some of the classic pieces also have big logos.
i think the line is young and cute.
I like the cambon line, but I also love the classic styles.
I guess it really depends on your lifestyle. I love carrying my large cambon tote on casual days and on days I want to dress it up I go for my classic or reissue.
It's a nice little variety in style I think.
*JJ* said:
i love the cambon line. sure, the logo's big, but some of the classic pieces also have big logos.
i think the line is young and cute.

I agree. I has seen a whole bunch of chanel pieces from the past few years and was surprised at how many items- jewelry, bags, skis, boots have CHANEL on them, bold lettering- impossible to miss. I love the fact that Karl designs so many playful pieces in addition to the classic styles.
I like the cambon line, but only in certain colors. I don't like the pink/black combination. My favorites are the brown/beige, black/patent black and beige/beige :biggrin:
i like both....i have the Cambon (m)Tote(Beige/Blc CC)and the Classic black Caviar Tote....i used them both as casual bags with jeans,,,,,

keeping up the good job uncle Karl :love:
I saw the Cambon Reporter in a music video and I FELL IN LOVE. I am planning on driving out to VA tomorrow and dish out the 3100 dollars even though I shouldn't.
I love the Cambon line! I have two bags from that line, the bowling bag in black with white CC's and the medium tote in beige with black CC's. I am not a young lady in my twenties but I think the design is very edgy. I love the classic Chanel bags but sometimes they seem a little too formal with jeans and t-shirt.
Is the Cambon line the quilted one? I never liked the quilted line (I'm not familiar with Chanel to know what the line is called and if it is indeed the Cambon line or not). So the quilted ones are from the Cambon line, you are not alone. I don't like them either.
My first chanel bag was actually from the Cambon Line (when I was 17). I :love: this line because for my age it was perfect. Also, after getting this bag, I have been obsessed with chanel (I have bought 2 in the last 2 months!). I didn't used to be a big fan of the quilting, but this bag really helped me understand its beauty. One day I would love to get a more traditional purse...but there is still time. :biggrin: