A Chanel for Office

Sep 21, 2010
San Ramon, CA
I work in an office and I carry two bags to work with me. One is either my Chanel MAXI flap or a YSL Large Muse for my personal belongings and a large tote bag for my laptop and work files.

Do you plan on carrying work related things with you such as a laptop, files, along with your personal belongings?

The Cerf tote is very nice for an office setting. It is subtle and understated, i.e. doesn't scream Chanel. Although, I prefer the Flap since it's classy and versatile, in my opinion.


Apr 14, 2006
I use my cerf tote, maxi or 227 to work. If you need to carry laptop or folders, cerf tote is the best choice IMO

Good luck with your decision.