A Chanel color question

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  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering... I have seen many different colors and styles of the gorgeous Chanel patent leather, but doesn anyone have or has anyone seen brown patent leather? I wear a lot more brown than black, and the colors I graviate towards clothing wise, although I wear many colors are corals, oranges, creams, golds, browns, greens, etc. which IMO look better with brown than black (even though the black patent reissue is gorgeous). Or, if anyone knows of any brown patent pieces coming out in the future (a brown patent reissue would have my name all over it!), that would be great too!:yes:

  2. I've never seen one IRL. and did not see it in the Spring 2007 catalogue. Perhaps you want to consider cream or copper? Those are great brown shades too.
  3. Hi TammyD! I actually decided to get the Khaki baby Cabas, because I don't have any slouchy, roomier Chanel bags! On a different thread I was deciding between the silver miroir speedy and a Chanel reissue in silver, but I realize now I'll get a lot more wear out of the baby Cabas, though the Chanel reissue is gorgeous!!

  4. :P i remember that thread! the baby cabas in khaki is gorgeous :drool:, after seeing all these pics of it i think it's officially my fave colour along with the black!